Ahhh . . the Bosch Mixer

The new mixer arrived yesterday and I was up to my eyeballs in apples so I unpacked the box, set it on the countertop and that’s it.  Thankfully, we needed bread today so I was able to use it.  Even if we hadn’t needed bread, I would have come up with some use for it today.

If you’re a bread baker, and if you’re using a Kitchen Aid, even the older ones made by Hobart, you wouldn’t believe the difference this Bosch mixer makes!  After having loved my Kitchen Aid for 20+ years, here are the things that had me jumping for joy this morning.

  1. This thing is quick!  With my bread recipe in the Kitchen Aid, it probably took about 5 – 7 minutes to get everything mixed up and all the flour incorporated.  I’d have to stop at some point, lift the top of the mixer and use a spoon to try to get all the flour in the bottom of the bowl mashed into the dough ball.  I put all the ingredients in the Bosch bowl, turned it on and my baking friends, it was instant!  I actually stood there in disbelief for a second!
  2. The Bosch is stationary!  That rascal doesn’t move at all.  It has rubber feet but because of the way it works, I doubt it would move without the rubber feet.  I wouldn’t dare turn my back on the Kitchen Aid with a batch of bread dough because he was just dying to dive off the countertop.
  3. When I make whole wheat bread, I mix it up, let it sit for 45 minutes, then mix it some more.  I had to lift the head of the Kitchen Aid, cover it with a towel and let it sit.  I’d take the dough hook out and wash it so the dough didn’t dry on there during the 45 minutes.  The way the Bosch is made, I just snap that lid back on and it sits there.  No towel, no washing the dough hook.
  4. I can add ingredients without getting them all over me.  Last week, while still using the Kitchen Aid, when I was making the apple cake, I had the cake all mixed up and decided to add a bit more vanilla.  It splashed up when the mixer started.  I knew I had some on my face but thought I’d wiped it all off and didn’t bother to check.  Vince walked in later and said “OMG!  You have blood on your face!”  It had dried and looked like dried blood.  I said “oh, no . . it’s just vanilla” and he’s probably still wondering why I had vanilla on my face.  No, actually, he’s probably thinking . . thank goodness it’s just vanilla because blood could mean injury which could cost me $$.

Here’s the mixer in action, with the little top lid off where I could add additional water to my dough . . which I did without getting splashed.

I also got the blender (which goes on that little part sticking out in the back right) and the food processor which goes in place of the mixing bowl.  Can’t wait to use either of those.  Seems like a strawberry shake may need to be made today . . just to test the blender, you know?

The only negative thing about the mixer, and this is just what I’ve heard . . I can’t say from experience.  It comes with the dough hook you see on there now and a whip type gizmo.  The whip type thing is for egg whites and things that pour.  The dough hook is for . . dough!  There’s a cookie paddle that’s about $20 extra that can be ordered.  They say not to use the whip for things that aren’t liquid because they could bend.  Some people have complained that the dough hook doesn’t do a great job with cookie dough type batter and they think that for the price of the mixer, the cookie paddle should be included.  I asked when I ordered mine and was told that dough hook works just fine for cookies so I didn’t order the cookie paddles.  I’ll let you know how it all works when I get ready to make cookies.

Anyway, for bread, I dearly love how this mixer works compared to the Kitchen Aid.


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    Richelle says

    Congratulations on the Bosch! I have used my whisks on cookie dough for many years and have never had a problem. Maybe I will try it with the dough hook and see the difference.

    Have Fun!

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    I like my Kitchenaid, but I’m on a mission not to wear it out!!! I hear ya about them wanting to walk there way off the counter and the flour in your face thing…..

    Karen L

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    Thanks for the review on the Bosch, Judy. When my Kitchenaid decides to go to the mixer pearly gates, the Bosch looks like a great replacement.

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    I like those newer cookie paddles better than the ones I have, mine are like the whips, only missing half the spokes. I think the new ones would be easier to clean up, too.

    I described the steps and process for my Bosch bread recipe here:
    My recipe is constantly evolving, as I’m now adding rye flour, and more of the whole grains.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Linda H says

    Congrautlations on the Bosch! I’m very interested in your experience with and critique of the Bosch. I have been mixer-less for the past 10 years, thinking that since I am older I probably do not need to replace my old KitchenAid. And it took up so much space, too heavy to move around, etc. Well, I miss my mixer. And my blender. Sooo, I’m taking notes here on your Bosch fun. Went to the grain company website that you gave and did my reading. Think I better start saving up my pennies! 🙂

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    I am feeling some envy. Mind you I have barely used the bread maker I got when Mum was alive and here and I thought it could be worth it for two but have not got round to using it since. I did get a new bowl for my food processor and my Kenwood has the dough hook which I have never used. I think I use my Bamix more than anything, but now that I do not entertain as I used to, cooking for one is somewhat boring.
    However just to shock myself …and to make space in the pantry I made up a banana and coconut cake. I added extra coconut, citrus peel, poppyseeds, heaps of walnuts and half milk instead of all water. So it looks good. No idea about the taste.
    My growing up memories are of my Dad bringing home cases of fruit from the market and sitting there peeling and stoning and cutting till the cows came home.
    So I really enjoy looking at your apples but I think I have passed my use by date in terms of canning and jam making.
    But I still cannot resist a good kitchen gadget and admire someone who fits in both cooking and quilting.