I Can See Clearly Now!

Finally got my new lens today.   It was 18 days from the day I melted a spot in my right lens til today and I can tell you . . my right eye is very thankful to be seeing clearly again.  I never did find my most recent before these pair of glasses.  I found several pair but they were pre-bifocal days and did me no good at all so I had no choice but to wear the melted lens.

Actually, I got new left and right lenses.  And, there was no charge.  I’ve been getting the Crizal coating on my glasses for the past three or four pairs.  I like the coating because of the glare and I knew there was some kind of warranty against scratches but I had no idea the warranty seems to cover just about everything for life!  Vince went with me over to Ft. Scott, KS to our eye doctor and had an eye exam and ordered new glasses.  I was trying to tell the lady . . but I melted them with the curling iron.  I don’t think that’s the fault of the coating! Vince was having a stroke . . they’re GIVING you free lenses . . just take them and be quiet!  I still can’t believe the warranty covered my own stupidity of placing a hot curling iron touching the plastic lens but I’m very happy to be able to see again.

I have another loaf of bread rising.  Seems as though the Apple Butter and Caramel Apple Jam are contributing to a loaf of bread not lasting a whole day around here.  I have another loaf rising and will bake it tonight.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to make a batch of cinnamon rolls.  Not good for the waist line but I need to make the new mixer feel welcome and loved, right?

And, I’m tired!  I think this time of year when it starts to get dark early always makes me tired.  So, I’m going upstairs to sit and knit.  Vince has class tonight and he’ll be surprised to find me upstairs (vs. downstairs sewing) when he gets home.


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    You’re making cinnamon rolls?!! I’m SO there! Save some for me! It’s great that you’ve got your eyes back. I hate my new glasses, but I dug out the old ones and couldn’ t see squat out of them. LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    so glad you got your new glasses, and what a deal with the warranty!!! it’s about time something went your way for a change, right???

    you’ve been a busy lady this week, so you deserve some time off just to knit and relax.

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    Kelly E. says

    Would you be willing to share that recipe for apple butter? I haven’t had apple butter since I was a kid and your first post about the apple butter has had me thinking (and drooling) about it since. Makes me think of my grandparents *grin*. Thanks as always, love your blog Judy.

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    Cherie Moore says

    That is wonderful about your glasses as they are so expensive. I just can’t imagine living with impaired glasses for as long as you have…..and you haven’t complained of headaches or anything!