Shine On Bayou Cane Pictures

Once you’ve finished your Shine on Bayou Cane top or the whole quilt, post about it on your blog.  Link to the specific post below.

Any time you want to see the quilts, go to the “Things You Might Want to Know” in the right sidebar, click on the “Quilt for an Hour” link and there will be a link there to this post, as well as to any future Quilt for an Hour picture links.  It sounds more difficult than it really is.

Please only post links here to your specific blog post (not your main blog page) and only share pictures of the completed top.



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    gardenpat says

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    becky rhodes says

    Gardenpat – like the little wallet you have in your picture gallery. Where did you find the free pattern for it. Love your bayou quilt!

    Judy, have purchased the bread book now looking at purchasing the mixer. What material are your bowls made out of? I saw the stainless steel ones – I don’t think you chose those and just wondered want your reasoning was? My husband loves to make cookies so I’m thinking if he had this nifty mixer he might make them more often or just make bigger batches.

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    Jodi says

    I love this quilt and am itching to get going on it. I had to take some time out from quilting when my husband had a heart attach last month, but am starting to get a little time in the sewing room now. So I should have some pic’s coming soon.

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    gardenpat says

    Becky, the wallet is a free pattern available on-line at:

    Look under “Fun Stuff”, then “Free Patterns” . It is the “All you need” wallet! Super simple to make!

    Thanks for noticing it and liking it!

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    Lady Di says

    I made this quilt top in blues (I’m going through a monochrome phase). I really like how it turned out. This was the first Quilt for An Hour project that I have done. I found that I was a bit slow to meet the hourly goals. I think it may have taken me closer to 2 hours for each segment because this is my “year of pressing seams open.” I read blogs daily but have not started one for myself as of yet, so I can’t post a link as you requested. Thank you, Judy, for the great tutorials and for doing all the figuring out for us. I also appreciate seeing all the other quilts made from your patterns. ~Lady Di