A Good Morning

Most all of my mornings are good mornings!  Well, let’s not count Wednesday morning as a good morning.  Seems as though Chad had been going back and reading some of my old blog posts and came across this one.  He demanded his shirt back.  Nope, not gonna happen!  I explained to him that when he moves out totally on his own, with his own real job, his own health insurance .  . totally on his own . . then he can have his shirt back.  I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of the shirt story.

Back to this morning . .

Today was the first morning Vince has had to scrape frost from the windshield.  I love this weather!

We headed up to the Amish store first.  The Amish dog didn’t mind having his picture taken.  He’s really old and seems stiff when he walks but it doesn’t seem to stop him from jumping up on his chair.

On the way to the apple orchard, we came across a wild persimmon tree!  Vince loves persimmons so we stopped and picked a few.

While at the apple orchard, we asked if they had any wood they’d pruned from the trees.  Apple wood is our favorite for the smoker.  They did but to get to it, you had to drive between the apple trees down toward the pond and the apple trees are badly in need of pruning.  The limbs kept whacking into the windshield and every time I’d duck like I thought it was going to hit me! But, we made it and got enough small limbs to last a year or so.  The smoker only uses 1 – 2 ounces each time.

I think the lady told me they have 880 apple trees.  The man is 84 and the lady is 80 and they really can’t care for the orchard as it should be done.  I would LOVE to buy this place, though it isn’t for sale.

Here are a few pictures I took of the trees.

Lots of apples, huh?

And, here’s the loot for the day. Apples, peppers, eggs, persimmons, zucchini, butternut and acorn squash, a gallon of honey.

50 pounds of tomatoes!  We got a box of sweet potatoes for Mom and Dad but they’re in the garage til Mom and Dad get here.

And, look at these eggs.  I put two store bought extra large eggs on the left end of the carton.  Can you see the huge difference in size between the store bought XL eggs and the fresh eggs from the Amish store?

Can you guess where I’ll be the rest of the day and probably all day tomorrow?  Tomatoes first, then Caramel Apple Jam (2 batches), then Apple Pie Filling, then stuffed peppers . . then . . maybe I’ll have time to sew!


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    What a beautiful morning and what a beautiful haul. That recipe for carmel apple jam had me researching canning and canning supplies last week. It is something I’ve always wanted to do. We’ll see!

  2. 2


    Hold your ground on the shirt……..my rule at my home
    “MY House, MY rules”. Seems to help settle alot of different battles.

    It looks like the rest of your day and most of tomm will be busy. Does Vince help with the canning. I taught my DH how to do tomatoes two years ago and he does all the tomatoe products now and the pickles. Dills should be on your list for next year…….way better than store bought.

    Karen L

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    pdudgeon says

    looks like a wonderful haul. good thing you asked about the apple wood!
    and yes, persimmons are wonderful. with that many apple trees i doubt that your supply of apples or wood will run out soon. those apples certainly look good.

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    Mary Ann says

    Persimmons aren’t exactly plentiful around here – I’m not even sure I would know what one looks like, let alone know what to do with it, or what it tastes like. I’ve led a very deprived life, I guess. Those Amish hens must be really big! Either that, or hurting after laying those eggs.

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    Cindy C says

    I also have a box I keep for when the “kids” are older. Although I don’t know if I have as much good stuff in it. It will still do its job when needed. If nothing else, the kids will enjoy the memories that the items will bring. I’ve been collecting tshirts for a quilt (which both say they don’t want, so they don’t know I’m keeping the shirts) and will surprise them one day with that. I have a friend that makes persimmon jelly. Here in Texas, the native persimmons do not have to go through a frost to make them ripe (they are ripe late September/early October and it is not cold here then). I have not tried them, but I liked the few persimmons I got up north. Maybe I will remember and ship you a box next year.

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    Wow! What wonderful colorful friuts and veggies. Question about the persimmons…..what are you going to do with them or should I ask, how are you going to prepare them? I’ve got a recipe that sweetens them up to make preserves but that’s all I do with them.

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    Please post what you do with the persimmons. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked, or have done anything, with them. I was told we have “a few” trees on the property. I’ll trade you persimmons for apples…lol. 😉
    Everything looks wonderful!! You’ll be busy, but it will all be worth it in the middle of Winter.

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    I am so glad you had a wonderful trip to the Amish store!! How fun…love all those fresh vegies to enjoy. And the apple wood for smoking sounds delish!

  9. 11


    How interesting about the apple orchard; I hope nothing happens to all those wonderful trees considering the owners’ ages. Thank you for the apple pictures. You’ll have to make some persimmon ice cream now!