Saturday Morning

We’re headed back up to the Amish store this morning.  Today is their last day of the season.  Part of me hopes they have more tomatoes; part of me hopes they don’t!  That’s a lot of work but they taste so much better than storebought canned tomatoes.

I want to get another bushel or two of apples and make more Caramel Apple Jam since we all love that stuff!  Chad has decided it’s best with cream cheese and crackers and could eat a whole jar at one setting!  I want to put up at least 15 quarts of apple pie filling.  Think how easy it will be to have a homemade apple pie if all I have to do is make the crusts and open a jar!  On second thought . . that may be too easy! 🙂   I’ll make the pie . . you bring the ice cream!

Ok . . we’re out the door to see what we can find!


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    I guess green is my color today too! Should I make it lime green?? LOL I’d rather be heading for the Amish store than cleaning. 😉

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    I’m definitely heading to your house for apple pie! Bringing ice cream is the easy part! You now have an apple stash!! LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    hmmm, apple stash, tomato stash, wheat stash, beef stash, sounds good to me!

    just think of what you can do next year when they re-open!
    cherries, peaches, plums, blackberries, raspberies, corn, beans…the canning, jam, and pie list will be endless, and your family will be well supplied with good things to eat!

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    Evelyn says

    Oh Judy, I have a great pie crust recipe over on my cooking blog – it makes a double pie crust… in the food processor. Sooo very easy. And yummy! Sky high apple pie is one of my very favorite – for apple pie I always rub a little milk with cinnamon/sugar on the top of the crust. Mmmm. I hope you have a great shopping trip for fresh produce and will be able to stock up some more goodies for the coming winter.

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    Well Judy…..I had apples left on the trees……so I did your carmel apple jam…..its soooooooooo good. I already had the apple butter done for the year, but this is way better……I may never make apple butter again.

    I’m going to try this with Brie cheese and a few nuts sprinkled on top.

    Karen L