Stashbusting 2009 Plans

Feels kinda good to start off a Monday without a Quilt for an Hour instruction to post!  It isn’t a lot of trouble but I worry I’m going to forget to do it or that it won’t work .. like the day I had all the mumbo jumbo instead of just plain text.

I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head about stash busting projects for 2009.  How serious are you about stash busting in 2009?  Are you ready to tackle the stash head on and make a lot of progress in 2009 or, did you get burned out this year trying to use the stash?

Some have small stashes and I understand the kind of stash busting I’m hoping to do (which is exactly what I hoped to do in 2008 and failed!) won’t work for every one but if there are some of you who are truly throwing caution to the wind and willing to commit to some major stash busting in 2009, I want to hear from you before making up my mind about these plans I have.


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    oh I’m still in for 2009–I think I did pretty well for this year and my closet is STILL bulging! I have to get out of my trashcans (I’ve been doing lots of scrappy quilts using small pieces) and get to my closet where the yardage is! Then perhaps I’ll see a dent.

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    I haven’t done too much buying this year. I think only about 5 yards of material and 10 fat quarters to round out color schemes in current projects. My plan is to go through the stash and make Heartstrings blocks and mail some to the program. I am also going to check out our new quilt store to see if they are doing any charity quilting. I want to get my stash down and be able to still sew and quilt for a cause. I have to finish quilting several projects too.

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    Evelyn says

    After 3 years of pretty dedicated stash busting – my house overfloweth with… quilts! Most are completely done right up to the binding! Most of my purchases are borders, backgrounds and backings with very little “new” fabric for “fun” purchased. I STILL have fabric to make more quilts. The Stashbusting Journey has been fun for me because it keeps me focused on the sewing aspect instead of the shopping aspect. I just love following along with everyone else. Thank you for keeping us all motivated! And isn’t the very best reward for all our work – a finished quilt!

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    I’m in for 2009. I really need to start using what I have rather than buying new….especially if work stays slow.

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    The faster I bust, the faster the fabric comes into the house, so I say keep busting the stash! People keep calling me and giving me fabric, which doesn’t count in the totals, but does add to the piles of fabric everywhere. I just wish you could add an extra hour to every day! Think you could find a way to do that Judy? If anyone could do it, you could…

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    Karen (Misiz C) says

    I’ve learned a lot about my stash this past year. Probably 2/3s of it are pieces that are under 1 yard. It works for me because I love scrappy quilts. I also like the challenge of making my stash work when the pattern calls for 1.5 yards of one fabric and I find 2 or 3 similar ones that will do the job. (Doing that with your BOM right now.) Most of my purchases this year were larger pieces of neutral background fabric. So to answer your question Judy, YES, count me in for next year too. I like my new ‘habit’…. shopping my stash first.

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    I’m in, too. As you know, the stash room overflowth. I just hope really UGLY fabric came out at Market this weekend so I won’t be tempted! I have some gorgeous fabric. I just need to cut it and use it!

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    My goal for 2008 was a net loss in the sewing room of 365 yds. So far i’m at 302 net used up! To be honest i’ve made dozens of bags and pillowcases which use fabric fast, as do cotton sundresses for my dd. But i’ve also finished 54 quilty projects of various sizes, everything from 6×18 wall hangings up to 108×108 king sized bed quilts. The good news is i CAN see gaps in the shelves! Not big gaps really but gaps none the less. It kind of scares me to think that after using over 300 yds of fabric I can’t see bigger holes! How much more fabric must be in that room? Yikes! I’m aiming for another 365 used next year!

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    I don’t have a large stash but I have been very inspired to use what I have and have added very little to it. And besides I love to read about how everyone is doing.

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    I would be new to the group this year, but I have lots of stash to bust! I would like to join in if you do something.

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    Hi Judy:

    My stashbusting efforts weren’t half bad this year. . . . although most of my projects were swap related & since they were doll sized quilts I didn’t use up much.

    In 2009 my plan is to work less on swaps (but oh are they addicting!!) and more on producing flimsies and/or completed items.

    Part of my problem is that I not only have an overflowing fabric stash, but also a kit stash, yarn stash, and UFO stash. . . .and I sometimes get overwhelmed trying to figure out where to begin.

    So, I’m in with you for the “long haul” even though I may not always post my results (which usually means that there wasn’t any!!). . . .but you are an inspiration.

    Thank you for your blog & the info you provide!

    In peace & pieces,

    Sherry V.

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    I, too, would be new to the cause – but vow to work on sewing so many of the kits I have stored (which exceed 40, at this point). Kits are part of a stash too, right?? LOL

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    I am coming to the party a little late but would love to join you for 2009! I need to stash bust in a bad way and hopefully this will make that happen!

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    Stash busting worked for me, At least 12 UFO’s finished, and probably 12 more quilts (donation or otherwise) have been finished. Although my shelves still look full, they are not stuffed to the point of adding no more fabric! I think it’s the goals, the thinking before you buy that does it. Planning a project around what you already have.

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    I enjoy watching the posts, and get a few ideas along the way to use up fabric given to me. I make Good Deed quilts, lap size,, no way do they use up 10 yards at a time.. but they do use some and get passed down the line when finished.

    I tend to buy back sides… or borders to connect all the colors used. It would be nice to stay inspired to use the many boxes of fabric given to me.

    It always a good thing to do warm quilts for others.

    I also like hearing how you all keep sewing and still make the day count household wise.

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    I’m all for stash-busting! I’m just getting back into quilting and am digging into my stash as often as possible! In fact I was just working on a quilt top last week (that I need to finish up soon) that is completely from my stash…even the little blocks were already cut for another quilt that I never made! :0)

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    I am IN! I loved the stash busting efforts and it is fun to have projects to use up the stash with. I have bought very little this year and mostly worked from my stash so I’d say I am doing well. I planned to continue on my own but glad we will be doing it together in 2009!

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    Donna says

    I’d love to play along again next year! It’s fun to see how everyone else is doing, plus I found some great blogs reading everyone else’s reports. I’ve never finished as many quilts as I have this year. Thanks for hosting this challenge.

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    Thanks for the recipes……. I will try the meatloaf this week.

    Stuffed peppers will be tried next week and if they are as good as they look I can serve them when the kids are here Thanksgiving.

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    pdudgeon says

    i just counted my master list and i already have 36 quilt tops to quilt and bind. i concentrated on piecing and stash busting this year, so i’ve gotten a *little* behind on the finishing, lol.

    if i get the rest of the quilts pieced that i have planned to make for this year that will add another 6 onto that pile, and another 15 remaining to make for next year.

    i’ll do my best with those 15 projects as far as stash busting is concerned, but my totals for next year won’t resemble anything at all like i’ve done so far this year.
    After those are done my stash will be down to the real nitty gritty–just strings and squares!

    i’ll probably be singing “The Ballad of the Busted Fabric Stash” by this time next year. ROTFLOL (subtitled “I’ve Got Those Empty Drawer Blues”)

    So Judy, if you have some projects that use lots of scrappy bits and pieces and not yardage, bring ’em on! I’ll bust my stash yet!

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    I am in for next year. I don’t want necessarily want to use significantly more than I buy, but I do want to change the contents: My stash isn’t huge, but most of my pieces are 1/2 yard or smaller. It makes it hard to shop the stash. Next year I want to buy less in number of different fabrics but more in yardage per kind of fabric. (Does that even make sense?) Plus, I really like being conscious of yards in vs. yards out – When DH asks for the comparison, I actually know and feel good about it! Thank you for cheering us on!

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    I’ve gotten just over 500 yds out of my stash this yr, and had maybe 50-100 yds come back in………. I’m finally starting to see a dent in the amount of fabric that I have and I’m thankful for that. I’ve also managed to get half of my UFO’s finished up so far this year and have two more that are almost finished. I plan on continuing both things this next year as well.

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    Count me in! After my trip to Unite Notions this fall, I’ll be lucky to hit the ‘zero’ mark this year! I still have lots of quilts waiting to be made in my cupboards!

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    Dawn says

    I’m all for few stash busting projects. Right now I am rearranging my craft area so that I have more room for the BIG quilts that I have waiting on me. Well, I’m drowning! I have 2 large bookcases inside the closet that is almost full, plus a table full of fabric that is stacked, PLUS I have some piled ontop of my son’s twin bed. That doesn’t even cover the boxes of scraps and other stuff under the table. My plan is to eventually fold everything on the shelfs uniformly using a 24″ x 6″ ruler as a guide. I don’t think I’ll get to sewing today that’s for sure!

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    Although my purchase don’t compete with yours and Vicki’s I’ve bought more than usual this year. I spend a lot of time working on quilts that don’t bust my stash and I’m a little disappointed in the amount of fabric I haven’t used this year. I think I will still hit 100 yards – I only count fabric when the project is finished.

    SO, to answer your question – yes I do want to bust some stash….I also think I’m going to change the way I count stash used in 2009 and allow myself to count the fabric used in a top when the top is done and then count the backing and binding when the entire quilt is done.

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    I am very eager to do some serious stash busting in 2009 – for various reasons – space in my bedroom reason # 1.

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    Erin says

    Im In!!! I dont have the hugest stash in the world but trying to share my sewing room with my husbands electronics room (seperate to his workshed so I dont see why he gets 2 rooms but anyway…) I dont have heaps of room to stor more fabric. Plus I have so many ‘favorite’ fabrics which are at risk of never being used because I like having them there to look at!

    And with your beautiful patterns its much easier to part with my beloved favorite fabrics!!

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    I don’t have much of a stash to bust, BUT may I be so bold as to suggest a stash busting idea? Some of the comments indicated a lot of small pieces such as strings were on hand. I would also guess lots of orphran blocks could be found in lost of stashes also. I teach Kindergarten here in Louisiana. We take naps in our class, as does every full day K in the states. Some Kindergarteners’ parents do not have the extra money at home to send anything to school for their child to sleep on. Stash busters could donate nap quilts to their local schools for children who are in need. Nap quilts need not be any larger than a bath towel. A call to the school’s office to inquire if any child needs a nap cover would be all that is necessary.

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    Loretta says

    Like Martha, I am in Louisiana, but unlike Martha, I have TONS of stash to bust and will gladly endeavor to do better next year at shopping my stash first. Just reading everyone’s report was inspiring and I know it helped keep my buying in check.
    But Judy, did you have to suggest this the week I leave for the Houston Show?? Just teasing. Thank you for all you do for the quilting world.

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    I hope you continue into the new year. I am hoping to join your group. For the past few Sunday’s I have been checking on everyone’s progress. It has motivated me to use soem of my stash. I look forward to your new challenge.


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    I would love to do some stash busting. I’ve got so much stuff that I have things in every room of our house. I would like to get the 100’s of kits cut down. I’m not joking about the number. SO IF KITS are on the list than count me in!!!!!

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    gardenpat says

    I was in a Stashbusting challenge on HGTV quilting message board all this 2008 year and have kept track of all the finished projects I made. It’s amazing to me how much has been made just using my stash! It seems that the more stash I use, the more fabric keeps showing up on my doorstep from friends who “know that I will put the fabric to good use” that has just been sitting on their shelves!

    If you’re taking new people into your stashbusting for 2009, count me in!! Just give me the rules and I’m ready to go!!

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    I also had big plans for 2008 – I was not only going to finish off lots of quilts that just need quilting, but I was also going to make lots of new ones. Somehow it just didn’t happen. At times I feel like a fabric collector rather than a quilt maker. I really, really aim to bust some stash next year and look forward to some sort of goal. So sure hope you go ahead with this idea.

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    I have lots of stash. For about a year now, I have been buying fabric for specific projects only… not just buying cause I like/love the fabric. Now, I always cut the entire project into a kit before I start sewing. I store it and the pattern in a double tall size pizza box. When I’m cutting the strips, I cut the balance of the fabric into 2.5″ and/or 1.5″ strips. So I’m always on the hunt for jellyroll type quilt patterns, and that’s what I intend to do with all these strips. I don’t have near as many 1.5″ strips but when I get enough, I’ll make a scrappy 9 patch… like the free “Nines and vines” quilt from the McCalls quilting website. This method seems to be working for me. I love reading your blog… I’m a follower.

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    I found you too late for this year’s stashbusting, but would love to join in for 2009. Lots of my stash is fat quarter sized, so the numbers might be small, bujt anything I can get finished is a positive.

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    Betty J in OKC says

    I’ve been silently following along, stashbusting as much as I can. I find it hard to add up the amts of fabric used for my quilt projects. Maybe I should add up what’s on the pattern before I start? Then I can add more since I usually make the quilts bigger than the pattern says. LOL! I’d love to be able to link this to my Facebook, since I don’t have a blog. I’ve also been trying to use color combos that are out of my “comfort zone”. Count me in for 2009.

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    I want to join you for 2009, too! I have a lot of UFO’s and fabric bought with projects in mind and I need to get them finished. I am being over run! And I have ideas of things that I want to do, but problems with trying to decide what to work on. I am trying to fix that problem before the new year so that I can be successful in 2009 with my goals. I haven’t come up with any concrete goals yet, but they will be on my blog by January 1. *sigh* I feel better already!