Hot Wings

We’ll soon be attending a hot wing cook off.  You know I take my cooking seriously and I’m a very poor loser! 🙁  I thought up a few enhancements for my hot wing recipe so I practiced today.

I guess they were good.  They didn’t last long!

Washed the dish and filled it full of Patti LaBelle’s Macaroni & Cheese.  This is true comfort food!  Just don’t think of the calories and fat . . that would not be comforting at all!

I’ll put more cheese on top before baking it.  Whatever is left over, Chad will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner til it’s all gone!  Maybe I’ll hide a small dish of it so I can have some in a day or two.


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    Mary Ann says

    Did you ever think how good that mac ‘n cheese would have been if you DIDN’T wash the hot wing pan first? LOL Actually, it sounds pretty darned good just the way it is.

  2. 2


    Now Judy….you are just WRONG to show off those delicious looking wings and mac & cheese and I can’t be there to sample any of it………..LOL……..The wings really look tasty….I’m sure you will be the winner in that cook-off! My fingers are crossed.