My 2009 Stashbusting Goals

My 2008 goal was to use at least 150 yards more than I purchased.  I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen since right now, I’ve bought 104-1/2 yards more than I’ve used.  But, I’ll do better in 2009.  My goal for 2009 is:

Use 200 yards more than I bring in. 2008 was a practice year.  2009 is the year I get down to business! 🙂


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    That’s a good approach – 2008 as a practice year! Does that mean that you are going to buy with abandon for the rest of ’08? I’m not sure what, if anything, I am doing next year.

    I started the stashbusting thing mostly to try to curb my spending – not so much the acquisition. I checked Quicken the other night and although I am down some fabric my spending is almost even with last year! Why? because I diverted my fabric jones into a dye/paint/book/longarm tool jones. The spending is the issue that I need to address and obviously that’s not working. I’ve got to ponder it some more.

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    pdudgeon says

    i’m not certain yet either, but i do know a few things:

    1. my production won’t be anywhere near what i did this year.

    2. i’m going to step away from the grindstone, slow down, and enjoy making quilts. if it takes all year for me to make 6 quilts that i can remember making, then it will take that long. i will not get so wrapped up in the process that i loose sight of the quiet joy of quilting again.

    3. i am going to have a reasonable goal this year that allows me time and yardage figures to make new quilts as well as finish some UFO’s.

    4. i won’t beat myself up over whether i should be quilting or piecing if i want to take a day off. or a week off.

    and finally this is not a race, it’s an achievement that is earned an inch at a time as i turn fabric into quilts that can be loved and cherished and used.

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    Sort of like when you are little and that roll of the dice didn’t count, or drawing the Old Maid didn’t count or ……………….. LOL

    All I know is that you’ve done better than I have. Keep up the inspiration!!


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    I want to only buy what I need for sashing, backing and borders. My goal is to reduce my stash to half to three quarters of the tote I store fabrics in. I am trying to be very disciplined in spending, less in space needed for storage , more in planning what I really want to do and reduce any redonkulous projects that I will NEVER finish. The fabrics I no longer want will be made into blocks for charity. This is my start of an idea.

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    I have tried to control myself with my stashbuilding.. but I decided patchwork is a hobby and so is fabric collection! LOL I love my stash!!! I might even use some of it one day!!!

    I am still amazed at how much fabric you have actually used!


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    Oh, you are too funny! I write all my “goals”/project lists in pencil so that if I don’t get them done by the date on my list then I can put in a new date and it looks like I am ahead of schedule. Hee hee!

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    gardenpat says

    I’m ready for this! I just bought a new roll of batting so I should be good to go! The only thing I will let myself buy in 2009 will be more batting (but only AFTER I’ve pieced some of my batting scraps together!) and ONLY when I can get it for half price!

    The quilt tops and backs- I should be able to make without buying any fabric all year!

    I do anticipate that my stash will continue to increase even as I’m using it up because I have friends and acquaintances who just love to give me their unused stashes! They even bought me a panel that shows a rambling old 3 story house like mine with a sign outside it that says : “Home for Wayward Fabric”! LOL!!

    Hmmmm…… wonder if I could get more given to me if I hung that banner outside on my porch????????????

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    Ghee, now I’m feeling kind of bad about my negative attide towards my decision to take the 2009 Stash Buster’s Pledge. I was kind of feeling like it was a punishment, but really, it’s going to be a good thing to bust my stash and be able to move around freely in my studio!

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    I’m looking forward to moving as much stash as possible, but I don’t know how to estimate an exact amount. About half my stash is fat quarters, and I have a lot of large pieces that are destined for backgrounds, borders and/or backings. My main goal is to use as much fabric as I can from the shelves — so then I can empty out some of the big plastic boxes on the floor and put *that* fabric on the shelves — and then I can actually walk through the room without performing acrobatic tricks and the risk of broken bones. And it would be nice to be able to vacuum in there once in a while. 😉

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    I remember reading on someones blog about weighing fabric to work out how much you have without actually having to measure it all.. HELP can someone tell me where I found this information?
    I have been adding to my stash in the past couple of months so that I will have more stash to bust in 2009… ha ha! Husband bought me 50 FQ’s for my birthday.

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    If my hubby gets paid in stash for me, would that count? I have kinda made a pledge and have failed…however, helping at a quilt shop during busiest time of year doesnt help! After all, I work for to buy stash!! I wanna know why no one has posted here since December? LOL— they must be busting stash-right?