Stashbusting in 2009

Don’t give up on your 2008 efforts at stashbusting but it’s time to start thinking about 2009. Stashbusting means different things to different people. Some people (would it be rude for me to link to Vicky’s blog?) seem to have a steep uphill climb towards stashbusting.  On the other end of that spectrum is Ruthie (and she works full time and is a longarm quilter who quilts for others so I think we can all give up the excuse that we don’t have time to bust our stashes!).

To be a successful stashbuster, I think we all have to examine our reasons for stashbusting.

First, I love my stash.  It’s great to be able to pull fabrics to make quilt after quilt.  I suppose my main reason for stashbusting is that at the rate I was going, I was adding so much more than I was using, there was no way I would ever use  it all. Seeing fabric donated to guilds or sold at estate sales after the quilter has passed away . . that’s not what I want to happen to my stash.  I chose these fabrics, I paid for these fabrics and I want to be the one to use them! There . . that’s settled!  I will use my stash!

Several have mentioned they have too many kits.  I don’t have a single kit here!  Some have small stashes and want to use them.  Some have large stashes and probably can’t use it all in a lifetime.  Some love scrappy quilts.  Some love using big yardage pieces.  Some have all day every day to sit and sew.  Some have full time jobs and small children at home.  Some seriously want to use a lot of the stash.  Some want to learn to use the stash before buying more fabric for a project.You see . . we’re all different!  We all have different wants/needs/goals/abilities/time constraints.

I don’t think I need to give any words of advice here that we all need to continue to support our local quilt shops.  I think we all have that part down and no one needs any encouragement in that area.  Seriously, we do want to continue to support our local quilt shops when we need fabric.  The shop owners need us and we need them!

For my own self . . I’m sure I will buy plenty of fabric in 2009.  But I will use more of my stash.  I will try to limit my purchases to fabrics that I need.  I go through a lot of backgrounds and no doubt, will need to purchase additional background fabrics.  I will not feel guilty when I make purchases because I will only buy what I need, or what I find that’s such a great price, it would be nuts to pass it up.

Anyone still reading?  Here’s a little Stashbuster’s Pledge that I’ve drafted.  You can download it, read it, change it, sign it, post it for yourself to see every day!  If you’re committed to busting the stash in 2009, go over to the right sidebar and see “Stashbusting in 2009”.  There’s a Mr. Linky box there so you can join in and post your goals on your blog and link up with the rest of us.

Together, we can bust a lot of stash in 2009!


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    When you mentioned kits, I realized something. Frequently I’ll buy “sets” of fabrics with a particular idea in mind, wrap them up and store them neatly together. The problem is that I rarely include a note with a hint of what the specific project was, so the fabric sits on the shelf, out of the normal flow of traffic, but with specific purpose after all.

    Occasionally (okay, really infrequently) I pull out some of these sets and figure out patterns to use them in. Most of the time I don’t use all of the fabric in the set, but I cut the proper number of strips or squares and put them in a box WITH a PATTERN (even if it’s just a pencil drawing). That way the fabric that is not actually committed to a project now can go back into the public places and be available for other uses.

    Do I use my kits? Not all the time. But if I have a sew-in day either online or in person and if I don’t have anything else that’s got me fired up, I’ll grab a random box and begin putting it together.

    Does this make me have less fabric? Not really. It’s just distributed differently… but it makes me feel like I’m actually using my precious stash.

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    Karen says

    I am a new quilter and would love to have a stash to bust. I have only a few off cuts, well fat quarters. I suppose we must all start somewhere. I am currently making my first quilt. Wonder what I shall be saying several years down the line,10 years from now.

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    I am in. I know most of my friends are stashbusting too. Many for economic reasons, others for more space, and some for discipline. I want to only buy what I need, not just because. I have a fear or phobia of my UFO’s, fabric stash and yarns being put in a dumpster when I am gone like my grandmothers was after everyone took what they wanted (and much was donated too). I have the yarn stash busted now for the fabric….

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    I like stashbusting reports. Helps keep me focused. I am getting more done. I am “saving” less fabric. It’s not so much that I am buying less fabric, as I am finishing more projects!

    The only kits I have are the ones I make myself when I cut up fabric and keep it together in baggies. When I want to go shopping, I remind myself of the projects I have waiting at home to be finished. Guilt does wonders for me!

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    I really want to do this in 2009!!! Speaking of kits…I have 3 Jinny Beyer kits. Should I attempt the projects or should I break them up and add them to the general stash? There’s one I’m sure I’ll never make, but Mike insists I keep the kit together. Hey, maybe I should make him do it!!! Yeah right.
    Anyway, I’m going to spend some time in the next few days finding and folding. That way I’ll know how much I have.
    Have a great day!!

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    Ok Judy, I’m with you for 2009. . . and I’ve tried to keep my goals small, but with the possibility of a big payoff by the end of 2009.

    Keep up the inspiration!

    In peace & pieces,


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    I just joined the challenge and hope to continue to use only from my stash for 2009. I did this for the most part for 2008 buying only a small amount. I am looking forward to see what everyone does to ‘USE IT UP’ in 2009!
    I posted my goals – hope that is okay to do.
    Eileen C in MS