Thanksgiving Recipe Requests

You’re already asking for recipes!  That must mean something looks interesting. 🙂

Grandma’s Gingersnaps I found on Ruthann’s blog last year and made them several times.  They’re really good!

Pumpkin Gingerbread is quick and easy to make!

Bread Pudding is from Pioneer Woman and is to die for!  Oh, maybe I should practice that recipe too . . just to be sure it’s fit for the family.  And, of course, I should eat the entire dish so they’re not tired of it by Thanksgiving!  Or . . maybe I’ll just remember that I’ve made this recipe at least half a dozen times in the past year so I don’t really need to test it!  Why do I take all the fun away?  Maybe because I went to the doctor today and had to get weighed!


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    Thanks for sharing these yummy recipes, Judy. Would you also consider posting your ovenight peach French toast recipe? Our family loves both, and the make ahead part is SO appealing. Thx.

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    Karen says

    Instead of using bread for the bread and butter pudding use Pannetone if you can get it over in the States. It takes this pudding to another dimension, Karen.

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    Linda Kay says

    When you started talking about Thanksgiving, I started thinking about leftovers and the wonderful dish I make using the leftovers. It is called Turkey and Dressing Soup and is wonderful. It was recipe from my sister- in- law’s mother. It uses turkey, alot of veggies, some cornbread dressing and even the giblet gravy. It is yummy!

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    Thank you…thank you for the gingersnap recipe. My mother made these and I lost the recipe card that was handwritten by her. You see, my mother is gone and the card cannot be replaced but I thought I could find the recipe again but I couldn’t. Last year I even spent time looking for it on the internet and even tryed a couple of recipe but they were not the same…..til now. Judy, this is the recipe…a lost treasure. We haven’t had gingersnaps in the house in 3 years. It will seem more like Christmas this year with these back in my cookie jar where they belong. Its a very good day.