Thursday Thoughts

Don’t really answer this question but . . do you think my life is boring?  Really . . don’t answer this . . but . . do you even care if my life is boring? 🙂

My days would drive a lot of people nuts but I love my boring life.  Today I had to leave home . . which I’d rather not do but I had books due at the library, a prescription to pick up (ear infection!) and I had to make a visit to the post office.  I should’ve gone to the grocery store but three stops is my limit for one day.  At one point I decided to take a nap but just as soon as I dozed off, I heard the UPS man outside and knew he had a heavy package so I hopped up and opened the garage door for him and that was the end of my nap.

I did get all the blocks made for this monster quilt I’m working on.  Got the rows all sewn together and tomorrow I hope to get the five borders added and be done with it.

I did have a visitor at my back door.

Is it a praying mantis?  He’s on my screen door and my screen has the regular size mesh so you can see kinda how big he is. And, he’s lime green! 🙂

Tonight I got the wings out to brine and season and I’ll cook them on Saturday.  I know groceries are high but dang, these wings are outrageous when you consider how much of them is bone!  How much does it cost to buy wings in a restaurant?  I thought wings were about .99/pound but . . I was wrong!  Not that it matters because this is competition and I plan to win and I can’t win if I don’t buy the darned wings!  The prize is probably a beer or something gross!  Or, knowing these guys, there’s probably no prize at all!

And, the last picture for tonight proves why I need a dishwasher downstairs.

Chad kinda lets the glasses pile up and when he remembers to bring them upstairs, they fill up the whole top rack of the dishwasher.  I’ll take these up but I’m not going to make a habit of picking up his dirty dishes.  Well .. since he’s leaving for college in January, maybe I will wait on him these last few months.


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    Sounds like a pretty nice life to me….what’s wrong with boring anyways. 🙂 That’s pretty much how it is around here and I love it!

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    To me it’s not boring to play with fabric and thread, dig a bit of garden, read some blogs …………. though if I cooked as much as you I could get bored real quick! You obviously enjoy your own company, and I think that is healthy. If you don’t enjoy it then no one else will either!

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    Pat says

    Your life sounds good to me, too. I had enough of NOT boring (in years past) to last me a lifetime!!! Boring is good now, to me, as long as I have books and my sewing stuff AND my computer, of course! 🙂

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    Love to read everyone’s boring lives, guess we’re all the same! Yes, I think it’s a praying mantis. Where is the wing’s competition? One time I thought my cupboard was low on cups and glasses, and couldn’t find them. Checked DD’s room (she was a teenager) and found 16 various drinking vessels, some moldy with Mt. Dew! Eeeuwww!

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    Judy……I don’t see your life as boring…….you live your life how you want to and to your own standard…….if someone else finds it “boring” that’s there problem.

    Keep up the good job of boring.

    Karen L

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    I guess a lot of life could be considered boring — the repetition of cooking, cleaning, errands — but I would never categorize your life as boring! You’re entering a wings competition, you’ve done more canning in the last week than I’ve done in my lifetime, you’re writing another book, and you’re so generous with your gifts. And how do you find time to keep your blog so up to date? Please share with me your secret of getting 48 hours of work done in a 24-hour day.

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    Dawn L says

    I always wanted a life like yours. I have enough UFOs to keep me home and busy for the next 500 years but will work on them when I get free moments from my “exciting” life. LOL
    I’ll take boring any day!

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    Judy, you’re far from boring. I love reading your posts and marvel at how much you accomplish each day. Keep it coming!

    Please share tips and tricks about brining. I’ve been having problems getting the right balance of salt and time with chicken pieces vs. whole chickens/turkeys. Here’s what I want to be able to do: Let’s say I want to have boneless chicken breasts in some form tomorrow night. I have the presence of mind to take them out of the freezer tonight. When I get home from work tomorrow, I want to be able to brine those breasts for say an hour (or less!) and then cook them and eat them. So far, I’ve either gotten them too salty (inedible) or not enough brine to notice the difference. Is this possible?

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    I’m sorry you were taking pictures in my house and I wasn’t there. That last picture was taken in my house right???? I laughed out loud when I saw that. Just make those glasses red and it’s a carbon copy. The only thing I asked him is would he please not leave them for me to find in the morning. I really hate to start the day with dirty dishes in the sink.
    Your wings will win for sure and you have the least boring life of anyone I know…and I love your kid!

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    My Mother solved the glasses problem.. She threw away, literally but I’d hide; all the glasses except one mug for each person. The mugs were special and each had their own design. That was the only cup we were allowed, we rinsed it and reused it until it was washed once a day.It worked; no more full loads of cups. We still have ‘our mug’ to drink when we go home to visit. (I’m the only one with my original mug everyone else has had to have a replacement purchased and the grandkids have their own too.)

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    Boring? Why do you think your life is boring? It’s your life and you sound like you like it, right? And you have a lot of visitors to your blog so they must not think your life is boring, right? You get more done in a day’s time than most people I know. But could I sense that Judy is “needing” a personal challenge of some kind. Hang on when Chad leaves for college things will change. I remember my DD leaving glasses in her room with small amounts of iced tea. EWWWW! Mold! Gross.

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    Hi July,
    I don’t know either why the wings are so expensive! They sell for $2 at our local store! Good luck at the cook off, I know you are going to win!
    Your life is not boring! But i agree that sometimes my life feels boring from doing the same chores every day: make the bed, cook, wash dishes, wash clothes…ect.
    I grow up in Bulgaria and every summer we made a lot of canning! I have to admit I have not done any since I moved to US. I was surprise that they are people that do that! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!
    I envy how up to day your blog is! Good JOB!
    Happy Stitching!

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    I was blessed/lucky enough to retire at age 51. Many people ask me “what do you do all day?” I wish there were more hours in a day to get done what I would love to get done. Judy, you are an inspiration–I too love to cook but I don’t to the extent that you do. You seem to get so much done in a day–you do have a husband that disappears for the day–mine is retired too and always seems to find something he needs help with! Your blog is one of the first things I read in the morning while I am having my coffee and I love it!

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    pdudgeon says

    that’s a female praying mantis.
    they’re bigger and have fatter rumps than the males, LOL.

    this is the time of year when they lay their eggs outside in bushes (which is a good thing!)
    With luck next year you’ll have lots of very tiny praying mantis’s around to help with any bug problems.

    and no, your life is NOT boring by any comparison.

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    becky rhodes says

    Judy, anything new on the house with property that you and Vince looked at recently?

  16. 20


    Mmm… only having 3 errands to run! My husband and I share 1 car, so when I have the car, I have at least 3 errands to run, in addition to making a stop at the office. My daughters don’t like errand days, but at least we only have 1 or 2 a week. I like your life – I prefer my own company and doing my own thing, which is why I’m grateful my part-time job is mostly from home! Who wants to be in an office all day?

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    Boring is good. Many weekends my car stays in the garage from Friday eve till Monday morn. I love my little cocoon and clearly, so do you!

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    Evelyn says

    “Boring” is certainly better than overwhelmed or overbusy or terribly sick. But I just don’t think your life is boring – it is nice to have a routine and know what to expect. You seem to have a plan, get it done, etc. I always love to read what you are up to! My sister-in-law likes to bake and lots of the neighborhood children come play with her girls and watch in awe as she makes a pie or cookies or a cake – they NEVER see their Mom cook or garden or sew or or or…. Sometimes I think that people are sooo busy being busy that many of the skills (and art) of keeping a household are being lost. Shoot, I had someone ask me this summer how I made brownies – and they were from a box! 2 kids and they had never made brownies before??? This is sad – to me what makes life enjoyable/comforting/fun is the routine of many small things that make up what our family does. It isn’t boring to me.

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    Linda says

    Your life is only boring if YOU think so. What anybody else thinks doesn’t matter. Actually it sounds like a pretty nice life. You have your family, you spend time doing what you love doing, there’s no boss demanding you put in certain hours and causing you stress, you have a nice home in a town you like. Yep, sounds fine to me.

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    Vivian says

    I had to chuckle at the picture. We have a downstairs and my son does the same thing. I had all of the dishes washed yesterday morning before work. I got home and the sink was full of . . . glasses. . . from my son, of course (20 years old). As he was looking for a glass tonight, he commented to his girl friend, “Wow . . . there must be some more glasses downstairs somewhere.”

    Me . . . I prefer to drink from styrofoam cups because they don’t sweat and I keep a cup of ice water by me at all times.

    You have a great life. I hope to get there (staying at home to quilt) some day.

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    Shirley says

    lol your Thursday weekly day out sounds exactly like mine: library, bank, groceries and maybe a small errand. That is all I can manage too and I can’t get home fast enough. I have had enough excitement in my life and love nothing better than my boring life. I don’t cook as much as you but after reading about your canning and bottling have dusted off my mother’s pickling jars and am spending a little more time coming up with less boring meals. I would have to have even more boring days per week to do more sewing, house renovation, gardening etc. If I can follow your example and have your results from living a ‘boring’ life than I say YAH ! Thanks for sharing so much. Shirley