BOM Tips

After making Block 7, we’re a bit more than halfway finished with the blocks for the BOM.  Everyone getting the hang of those 1/16th” cuts?  They’re not hard!  Really!!  I could’ve rounded all the measurements up to 1/8th” but you’re getting so much more accuracy with the 1/16th”.  If we round up to 1/8th” and you have 4 seams across the block, you’re automatically going to be 1/4″ off (4/16″).  Just think about it like this:

  • Look at your ruler
  • See the lines on the ruler that are 1/8th” lines.  Count them to be sure.  There are 8 spaces in between the inch marks, right?
  • In between any of those 1/8th marks is 1/16th.  Just line your fabric up between the 1/8″ line and the 2/8 (or 1/4″) line and that’s 3/16th.
  • 1/8 is the same thing as 2/16.

Got it?  I’m not much of a math wizard but maybe because I work with fabric and measurements all day, I just don’t find this confusing.

OK .. next item!

Several have asked how I line up all the points/triangles so I took pictures while working on Block 7.

1.  Lay out the pieces you’re going to use.  I’ll be making a flying goose unit.

2. Lay the smaller triangle into position on the larger triangle.

3.  Position it correctly with the edges lined up.

4.  Sew your quarter inch seam.  Very accurately!!  You may need to make a scant 1/4″, depending on your machine.

5.  Press.  Be very careful not to distort the piece as you’re pressing.  Get your second smaller triangle into position.

6.  Line up the edges.

7.  Sew your quarter inch seam.

8. Press, being careful not to distort the piece.

9.  Snip the little dog ears and . . you should have a perfect flying goose!  And, speaking of this little piece . . is one of these a flying goose or is one still a flying geese?  I never know what to call them.  But, you know what I’m talking about and you know I say the wrong thing half the time anyway so . . who cares what I call them, right?

Does that help?

I know I’ve been sewing/quilting for a long time but I just don’t see how you can have a problem if you (1) cut carefully; (2) sew carefully and (3) press carefully!  Let me know if you’re still having problems and I’ll do my best to get you on the right track.


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    Hi Judy – I never know either if it should be a flying goose unit or a flying geese unit! LOL Thanks for sharing this great quilt with us!


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    Patchwork always ends up with the word “careful”, if you are careful all the time, everything turns out as planned. I often think,, that a short cut must be avaible, but it hardly ever isn’t.

    Thanks for your great work with the starbom, QFAH, creating this wonderful blog sharing your life with the rest of the world.

    Happy thoughts