Miss Payton is MVP for her soccer team!  I was so happy to get this in an e-mail from her grandpa.  Isn’t she a doll?  This is the main reason I need to move back to Louisiana . . along with her brother and two sisters!  Close examination of this photo leads me to believe that Payton may have trimmed her own bangs!  All four of my niece’s kids are cute and sweet but Payton . . oh, I love that child!


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    I have you on direct feed, so I can’t post comments unless I come to your site. But I have laughed a lot over your posts this past week. Love Payton’s haircut; seems somehow familiar from when my girls were growing up; same with the frown and remark about don’t put me on your blog from Chad. I would have hidden both of those t-shirts too. Ok, off to look at your newest challenge block.

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    “oh, I love that child!” Well, I can see why!

    My DD#2 trimmed her bangs at about that age–maybe even a touch shorter–right before my wedding to DH#2. She’s wearing a very wide hairband in the photos!