The “X” Sashing Square

This little block isn’t hard to make at all and I think it works great for sashing such as the one used in the 12 Block Setting quilt.  This is the one in the quilt but I originally had the sashing colored opposite so the block in this little tutorial is backwards from the colors used in the actual design. This is how it should look:

But, for the purpose of this demo, pretend it looks like this:

And, before we begin.  (1)  I know my photos are crappy and I didn’t bother to straighten them up, which would have been easy with the grid lines on the cutting mat . . just didn’t take the time to do so!  And, (2) I’m still using the mat with the ugly brown spots.  I guess those spots can be kinda like my trademark.  You can recognize my cutting mat anywhere, right?  One day I’m going to surprise everyone and either dig out another one or just buy one!  But for now . . it is what it is!

Don’t let the length of the instructions fool you.  This is really easy!  Actually, I could have said the same thing in about 3 steps but it makes me feel needed and important if it takes 14 steps.  Know what I mean?

I’m making the square a tad larger than it needs to be so I can cut it down to the exact perfect size.  There are only six of these to make so don’t panic about wasting fabric.  You have a whole stash to use . . remember?? 🙂

1.  Start with a 4″ background square.  Cut it on the diagonal twice so you have 4 triangles.

2.  Using your accent fabric, cut a 1″ strip (or 2 if you’re using scrap pieces).

3.  Sew the strip to one of the triangles.

4.  Press.

5.  Trim.

6.  Do it again!

7.  Sew another triangle to each of the above triangle units.

8.  Trim.

9.  Sew another strip to the bottom of one unit.  Press.

10.  Trim.  (Sorry about my shadow in the picture!)

11.  Make a little registration mark in the center of each of the accent strips.  You really need to get these lined up perfectly.

12.  Make sure the seam lines on the green strips are matching up correctly.  Sew across the bottom.

13.  Press.  Make some little registration marks in the center of the accent strips if that will help you with the squaring process.

14.  Square it up!

For the sashing strips:

It is 3″ x 12″ finished.  The strips can be cut to whatever width you’d like but I plan to cut the light strip 1-1/4″ (so it will finish at 3/4″).  The two green strips will be cut 1-5/8″ so they will finish at 1-1/8.  For those who don’t like to mess with 1/8″ cuts, you can cut tall three of your strips at 1-1/2″ and they’ll all finish equally at 1″.  Or, you can cut the light strip at 1″.  It will finish at 1/2″.  Then cut the green strips at 1-3/4″ and they’ll finish at 1-1/4.  It’s your quilt . . do what you want! But, don’t forget to have fun!


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    Thanks for the EQ file and these instructions. I was close to getting it, but your pictures really helped. How do you get EQ to give you the size of the accent strip? I looked in rotary cutting printout, but that piece isn’t listed.