Putting Up Bananas

Either I’m really weird . . wait . . don’t answer that.

To “put up” bananas, I peel them, put as many as will fit into in the mixer and put 1/2 tsp. Fruit Fresh per cup of mashed banana.  I put 1 cup (really about 1-1/4 cup because most recipes call for 1 cup of mashed fruit and I always have to eat just a little of it myself!) in a ziploc bag.  I use the cheap (not the freezer) bags.  Then I mash as much air out as possible and then seal that bag inside a Food Saver bag.  Put them in the freezer and they sit there til I’m ready for them.

The defrosted banana can be used in any recipe that calls for mashed banana.  Some of my favorites are banana nut bread, banana shake/smoothie, banana oatmeal cookies, banana spice cupcakes, banana cake, banana pancake.

Bananas have been .65 – .75 pound and this week they’re .35/pound.  Last year about this time, they were on sale for .25 and I put up (froze) 20 bags and they were gone in no time.

I laugh about Vince buying bargains but any time I find something on sale that I know we’ll use, I stock up.  Little things can add up, you know?


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    Bananas are not one of my favorites but I do like to make banana nut bread which always leaves lots of bananas leftover. Your method has given me ideas……Thanks.

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    Pat says

    Thanks for explaining this…..I was a bit puzzled about how you put up bananas…never thought that you were mashing them for the recipes you mentioned. DUH on my part!!! (Wish I lived closer as I’d work hard to get myself an invitation to eat at your place quite often!!!)

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    Mary L says

    Even easier..you can freeze bananas in the skin..Just pop them in a zip lock bag and put in the freezer. They will turn brown and yuckly looking..just as if they rippened on the counter. Take them out, thaw slightly and remove the skin then use in any recipe that calls for mashed bananas. I like my bananas almost green to eat raw, but want them really well ripened to make banana bread. This way has worked for me for years.

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    Sandy says

    Have you ever tried frozen bananas on a stick? They’re great in hot weather (and better for you than frozen sugar water with food colouring added). I just peel, cut them in half cross-wise and push a popsicle stick into the cut end. Then freeze in plastic bags with the air sucked out of them. Yummmmm!

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    Becky in GA says

    I learn so much for reading this blog. Thank you Judy! Now I know what to do with all those banannas besides making 10 loaves of bread in one day. Just amazing!

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    Yes Judy….you have a weird, boring, unorganized life. In my book I like to think that is the normal American way. I like Mary just pop the extra bananas into the freezer with the peeling on. Frozen bananas make the best smoothies, don’t have to water it down with ice. How’s this for wierd…..I freeze orange juice in the ice cube trays…..and pop a couple cubes in my morning juice……I hate watered down juice.

    Karen L

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    I throw the whole bananas in the freezer… I don’t have nicely measured or flattened packages, but they work for banana bread & the like & I don’t measure the bananas with those anyway…

    Growing up in my husbands family, they threw out bananas that got brown spots. On now does he know that that is when the get to be the sweetest & that you can turn them into bread! (Cake.)

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    I have been freezing bananas when they get over-ripened for years! Sometimes in the skin, sometimes after they have been peeled. One year while I was away, my husband “helped” me clean the freezer and tossed all my bananas out. Everyone else in the house knew that those frozen bananas were meant for banana bread. I usually bake many loaves around holidays to bring to gatherings and/or serve to guests.

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    ROTFL I see I wasn’t the only one that wondered how you put up bananas!! I freeze them too, for banana bread and banana bundt cake — I even found a recipe (at about.com) for banana cheesecake that I’m dying to try!! Sometimes our grocery store has clearance sales on the REALLY ripe bananas – thats a great time to buy them to freeze – it’s almost like winning the banana lottery 😉

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    Great information on how to freeze ripe bananas! I have always just thrown them unpeeled into the freezer but, doing it your way would certainly take up less space in the freezer and I would be sure to have the correct amount to use for my banana bread. Thanks for posting this Judy!!


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    Rebecca says

    I think we were all surprised to see something you don’t put in jars. ;^)

    As a non-canner, i wouldn’t have known to use Fruit Fresh…good idea! Bananas are never going to be 25 cents a pound here, though. Last week they went up to 79!