The Wings Cookoff

My wings came in second.  And, I think they would’ve been first but dang, get a bunch of people from Minnesota and my version of HOT and their version of HOT are two different things!  My wings had some of them running for another beer or margarita or whatever concoction they were drinking.  Me . . I was drinking Dr. Pepper and I didn’t find my wings hot at all!

It was fun but oh, boy .. did I make a huge mess in my kitchen.   I won’t be making wings for a while.  Not sure what will happen to the Wingtacular Contest as the hosts are moving.  Where else?  Minnesota!


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    My dad & I have different ideas about hot as well… His is mild & milder…
    (He made salsa – mild as in no peppers & hot as in 1 pepper for the whole batch…)

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    Too funny – we love hot and spicy food in our house – wonder how we would fare taste testing your wings. But I know you should have won – wings are SUPPOSED to be hot – Congrats!

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    LOL LOL I can just see them running for a drink! Yeah, here in Texas we like things hot, too. Bring on the wings, oh yeah! DH likes his breakfast sausage with extra red pepper (we raise our own pork) and most visitors who stay over night run for a drink. Congratulations on winning 2nd place.

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    Congratulations!!! My hubby loves his stuff HOT, I wonder though, if your Louisiana cookin’ would be too hot for this Idaho boy. :~) I am sure that it would be to hot for me! lol

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    Some years back when my DH was working, his boss hosted a pot luck where everyone brought a dish from their own culture. There were people from many parts of Asia and India as well. Before eating, we went around the group and everyone described what they brought. At each description, my husband asked, “Is it spicy?” He’s a North Dakota German boy. What did I bring? Jell-O. I’m a Minnesota Norwegian — that’s what we bring to pot lucks. I have developed a taste for “hotter” food, even though it almost brings a tear to my eye (I have a feeling Judy’s wings would make me sob). My boys though like things really hot. And my Chinese DIL? Off the charts hot. Uff-da! Congrats, Judy!

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    Joan S says

    Congratulations, Judy! Unfortunately, you had judges who were of the “less hot” category! But I bet there are those who’d stumble all over themselves to get the wings you made!

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    *~*~*~* C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S J U D Y! *~*~*~*

    And I agree with Joan S… I’d be one of those “who’d stuble all over themselves to get the wings you made!” The hotter the better, if my eyes are watering and my mouth is on fire, I’m a happy camper. The only thing I’ve found so far that satisfies my need for “hot” is Korean Spicy Pork! But I bet your hot wings could replace them!

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    Congratulations on your second place…….about this hot stuff…….I like to be able to taste that it is chicken I’m eating……….if things are to hot, its tough to know what your eating.

    Karen L in the great state of Minnesota!!!!

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    Rebecca says

    When I lived in Minnesota, I worked right by a conference room that was frequently used for potlucks. It was so funny to hear people’s comments. I once heard “it would be good if he put some spice in it” and “it was so hot, I could barely eat it!”…about the same dish!! LOL

    I’ll bet your wings were great, and congratulations on getting second place, at least!