Count Your Blessings

Somewhere along the way, my quilting blog has turned into a blog more about my cooking, my son, my dog, my husband and my life in general and quilting doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough.  That’s mostly because everything I’m working on now is for the next book and except for sharing some fabric choices and some bits and pieces of this or that, you’ll just have to trust that I am quilting.

Today, I got a flu shot.  The only reason I got it was because if I should get the flu, Vince would have complained 24/7 that I didn’t get a flu shot but last year I got a flu shot and I still got the flu.  So, today I was feeling kinda grumpy because I had to go get the darned shot and I’m such a wimp.  Worse, tomorrow I have surgery on my face and even worse, Tuesday I have a colonoscopy!  I really want to go to sleep and wake up on Wednesday and have everything done . . no pain, no hassle.

My morning was busy but the shot, the face, the colonoscopy . . all that was on my mind as I was grinding wheat, making bread, getting lunch ready and by the time lunch was finished, I went down to see the nurse and got my shot and came home thinking I’d just curl up on the sofa with the dog and a good book and take a nap.  First I checked out a few blogs and read this post by The Pioneer Woman!  That will change your perspective!

Too often I think of the bad (even though my bad really isn’t very bad), and then I’ll think of the good things in my life and I realize I’m truly blessed and shouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself.  But, rarely do I think of how horrendous the circumstances some people deal with every day.  I cannot even imagine living like the people Ree is writing about.

I’m so blessed!  Most of us are!  Even in hard economic times, lack of job security that many of us never thought we would face, homes we need to sell and can’t, whatever our circumstances, I cannot even comprehend, even after reading Ree’s post and seeing the pictures . . I cannot even grasp what it must be like to live like those people are living.

I don’t always say it; I don’t always think it but I am so thankful!  I’m thankful that I was born in America.  I’m thankful that I was born to my parents.  There are none better!  I’m thankful both of them are still with us and in good health.  I’m thankful for Vince . . that he’s been so helpful with Chad, that he has a good job and provides for our every need and too many of our wants.  I’m thankful for Chad. He gives me a hard time way too much but he’s a good kid. He stays out of trouble, is fairly responsible and has stayed in school and made good grades.

I’m thankful for every one of you who reads this blog; and for those who write and tell me that you’ve been inspired by something I did or something I said; for those who write and suggest things/ways to make my life or the things I’m doing easier.  You give me purpose to continue to write.

Dang . . I’m just thankful for everything!  Especially my blender which I hadn’t used til today and I decided a strawberry shake might just help lift my spirits!  Yum!  And, I like the way the blender works and I like that it’s all one piece!

Now, I’m going to curl up on the sofa with my dog and a good book!


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    Cindy says

    Hey, all those things you have coming up are NOT fun things! But I sure know what you’re talking about. I read Ree’s blog right before coming to yours. If her husband doesn’t bring a kid or 2 home with him, I’ll be surprised.

    BTW, the Orange/Garlic shrimp that her friend posted last week?

    Best. Shrimp. Ever.

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    Thank you for leading me to Ree’s post…as I finish packing the boxes to lose my home because my unemployment runs out this week..I now smile remembering the child I sponsored years ago in Guadamala and wonder if she is now a mom that remembers me.
    Thank you for warming my heart with a cherished memory and reminding me that though I’m losing my home there are so many, many that are worse off than me.
    In the midst of it all I am blessed and grateful.
    Thank You for your blog and for not always writing about quilting…:)
    Hugs and Prayers for your upcoming procedures.

  3. 4


    Quilting? This is a quilting blog??

    I feel like I need to apologize too if I go too many days without quilting content. I should just say ditto – we’re blessed and I’m thankful.

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    Linda H says

    Good blog, Judy! You are so right. We have so many things to be thankful for.
    And for KnittySue who commented her gratefulness in the midst of losing her home. Wow! Encouraging! Hugs to you both. Please keep blogging about whatever is on your mind, however you feel led, Judy. The patchwork of life is just as important as the patchwork of cloth. Blessings!

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    pdudgeon says

    i got my flu shot today as well. got the groceries home and put away, went to bed, burrowed under my quilt, and took a nap.
    thanks for being there and being who you are.

  6. 8


    You are so right Judy. I love PW’s blog and even more so now that I see this side of her family. What a great experience to give their children who live such a cloistered life on the ranch.

    I wake every day knowing how very lucky I am and it is nice to read that someone else does too.

  7. 9


    You’ve got a lot on your plate my friend!!! Wow! Need me to send you a xanex through the internets?? Heeheehee 🙂
    Love your blender! I totally have blender envy now. Not to be confused with the whole colonoscopy envy. Two word which should never go together…colonoscopy and envy.

  8. 11


    My note to get my flu shot is right by my phone – where it’s been for two weeks. I have to call to set a time and I never remember when the clinic is open. Have to do it in the next few days so I can cross it off my list. You are right. We are all more blessed than we know!

  9. 13


    Judy—winter is where I live!! It’s snowing and blowing outside. Do you get a pink t-shirt when you do your mammogram–I did!! But glad they didn’t give me a t-shirt after my colonoscopy! What a scarey thought.