Gorgeous Trees

Before all the leaves are gone, I want to share some pretty trees.  We never saw season changes in southwest Louisiana and I still get excited about leaf color and the first few snowfalls.  Here are several shots of a few trees on my way to the grocery store.  I think you get an idea too from looking down the streets at what an old town this is.  I sure do love living here.  If my family would just move here and someone would put in some crawfish ponds, I’d be real happy to stay here forever!


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    Pam says

    Even our crepe myrtles have golden leaves this year here in southern SC; however, our color doesn’t compare to yours. I love the fall colors.

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    Gorgeous is the right word!! Color is outstanding….our leaves are gone for this year…and pretty soon we will have white stuff…thanks for sharing the beauty…Margo in Maine

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    You still have such vibrant colors! In Minnesota, right now our trees range the full spectrum from dirty gold to rusty brown to — bare. This week is going to be like waiting for the other shoe to fall. Cold weather’s arrival is overdue, although we haven’t minded at all! Thanks for the pictures. And as for politics, with the Coleman/Franken recount, we won’t be done until possibly December. I think I will leave the TV off. E-mail me when it’s over.

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    Rebecca says

    Ooh! Ahh! I actually gasped when these pictures popped up. I had forgotten that trees get RED! So-o pretty.

    Hmm…your family moving there…now there’s an idea!

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    Oh Judy! Those trees’ leaves are GEORGOUS!!! I love the ones that are what I call “blood dripping RED” 🙂

    I so miss the season of Fall and leaves turning – something I never fully appreciated growing up in KY – unitl I moved to TX where they do not have a real fall.

    Thanks for sharing – I think I will make one of these my desktop background 😉 ~bonnie

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    Linda says

    Such beautiful trees. Most of the trees here did not get very pretty this year. A lot of the leaves just dried up & turned brown so the ones that did turn pretty colors were appreciated that much more. Yesterday the wind blew most of the leaves off so we’re starting to look dreary & wintery around here. I guess I shouldn’t complain though, it is November already and we’ve had a really nice fall. I just hate to see it end.

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    Thank you Judy for sharing pictures from your little part of the world. They are absolutely gorgeous. Living in the desert, the only thing I get to see is trees with green leaves or trees with no leaves. One day the leaves are there, the next day the wind blows them all off the trees! LOL!