Chad’s New Toy

For now, I think the deer are safe!

Inspecting the damage after the arrow went through the plywood.  A little practice and we could be having venison for dinner! 🙂  Too bad he can’t get the ones that live in our neighborhood and destroy all forms of plants!

Notice . . it’s November and it’s still warm enough to be outside barefooted!  Where’s winter??


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    Ahh…the mighty hunter…jammies and all!
    I really liked your post from yesterday. People come to your blog because it’s real and very friendly. It’s easy to see what a good person you are-not to mention the recipes-yumm.
    I’m trying to appreciate the unusually high temps since I know what’s coming but I can’t believe I had the ceiling fans going all day and the windows & skylight open.
    Hope you have a great day. You always make mine better.

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    We are getting some cooler fall weather today in Ia…rain and 47, a drop from the last few days of 70’s. Guess it has to come sooner or later, but we always hope for later!

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    Toni says

    Chad might want to check the hunting regs in your town. Here you can hunt deer with a bow within the city limits. Of course, you need permission from the landowner.

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    Linda says

    Winter got here today, it was snowing earlier this morning with more expected through the day. I hear up in South Dakota they are expecting up to a foot of snow.

    Bows are quiet, maybe you will have to practice with it and when the deer show up to eat everything in sight you can sneak out the back door & pick ’em off. The tough part would be the field dressing and getting them hung up in the garage. Deer steak is pretty yummy though!!

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    Sibyl says

    He reminds me of my son. Sure hope he does better than mine did. He knows that Vegetarian means poor hunter.


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    Winter is still here in South Africa, it’s November and I’m wearing jeans, a jumper, hand knit socks and it’s raining…

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    It’s good to see that Chad is letting you take photos and blog about him again 😉

    David went thru the bow thing when we were in college…. he hunted with his cousins a few times then never picked it back up. We still have the bow out in the garage somewhere.

    Maybe Chad can hunt there in your own back yard 😉 That sure would be convenient ea? ~bonnie

  8. 10


    Winter is here in South Dakota. It’s the miserable kind, where you have mushy rain turning to snow first. I’d be glad to give it to you….