Recipes Collected

My recipes seem to be spread out everywhere.  I’ve created a new page for “My Favorite Recipes“.  There’s a link over on the right side in that little “Things You Might Like” list.

If you see something not quite right . . like “all purple flour” instead of all purpose flour (Thanks, Laura!), or links that don’t work, please let me know.  I did it all kind hurriedly.  I will continue to list recipes there as I post them on here.  I think that will help me find my favorites and I hope it helps you.


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    Purple flour! LOL
    I think it is a great idea to put all your recipes in one place. I’ve been meaning to get that organized…

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    I lo-o-ove the corn spoonbread. I’ve made it — oh, like four times since I saw it in the summer, and I would dream about it if I ever dreamt about food. It’s that good. Thanks!

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    Thanks, Judy, for the peach French toast recipe! You have two of my favorite chicken recipes: chicken marbella…yum and sticky chicken..yum again. I’ve never seen a King cake recipe……thanks. I wonder whether folks know about it?

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    Thank you for doing this! So many times you’ve made my mouth water with your menus and photos. I’ve made the Sticky Chicken, and it’s delicious.

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    Carla says

    Hi Judy,

    Thanks for the wonderful index for your favorite recipes! (I made the corn spoonbread this summer and my family loves it!) One note FYI: The link for “overnight omelette” seems to be broken, at least on my end. Many thanks, again, Carla