The Bladder of a Dachshund

That’s a good early morning topic, right?  We just went through our morning routine of trying to get Speck outside on a cool morning.

During the warm months, when the sunshine is plentiful, Speck has to go out at least a dozen times a day.  I know he doesn’t really have to go out that much but who am I to say when he really has to go or when he really wants to just walk around in the sun.  This is the first house we haven’t had a fence and I have to walk him on a leash so . . when Speck has to go out, someone has to go out with him.  If it’s warm, he will walk around and just enjoy the sunshine . . as long as we let him.  Every now and then, I’m daydreaming – not paying attention to what he’s doing and I look and he’s stretched out on the grass . . like he’s going to take a nap right there while I’m left holding the leash!  Don’t think so . . get up and do something!  When he’s finally ready to go in, he runs in and wants a treat, whether he’s done anything or not!

But, when it gets cold (and anything less than about 65 degrees is cold for Speck), I often have to pick him up to get him outside.  The minute I say “Want to go out?”, he starts shaking.  Then he rolls over onto his back so it’s almost impossible to pick him up.  It sometimes takes much coaxing and even a treat to get him out the door and then he’s real quick about it!

There has to be some anatomical explanation why a dog has to “go” 12 or more times a day during the summer and 3 times a day during the winter is more than sufficient!


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    It probably directly correlates to a cats need to “go” as soon as the box is cleaned… (Not that we let it get dirty – I’ve even had comments about the lack of cat smell.)

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    gardenpat says

    Our dog, Sadie, LOVES the cold weather!! She’s half St. Bernard, half Great Pyrenees- go figure!!!LOL!

    What she can’t stand is WET weather! If it’s even sprinkling out, we have to go through your coaxing routine with her- trouble is- she’s over 130 pounds so it’s hard to pick her up!! LOL!!!

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    gardenpat says

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    I think your speck is quite normal. My 117 lb lab is the same way including wanting the treat every time. The big baby hates to go out when it is cold or raining. I think the defining factor of the increased “need” in the summer months correlates directly with the TREAT!

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    My sister’s dog is the same way, but it’s three times a day at home, and 39 times a day at our parent’s house! Weather doesn’t seem to matter, though.

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    Your Speck sounds like my Toasty, Shih Tzu. He will not go on the grass only on the driveway. Which means the water hose must always be ready to use. He loves to stay out for long periods during the spring and fall. He shakes in the winter and refuses to go without an umbrella covering him when it is raining. I love the spoiled little bugger! I think Toasty and Speck would make good friends if Toasty liked dogs. I have tried a number of your recipes and they have been a hit. Sue

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    Let me know when you figure it out! Chesty is the same when the weather turns cold and we’ve always had to walk him on a leash too.

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    Tandi has a wireless fence collar, so she doesn’t need to go out on a leash. And since DH is disabled, he just gets up to let her out. She accepts that just fine.

    But when I’M home and awake, nothing will do but Momma must go outside, too, or she will just sit on the porch and scratch at the door to come back in. Also, she’s lazy and hates wet grass, so if no one is there to go out with her, she’ll do her business in the driveway.

    When I set out the jack-o-lanterns this year, I could smell exactly where her favorite pee spot is.