Small Town

Have I said lately how much I love living in this little town?  It’s almost the perfect place to live.  As mentioned the other day, if my family were here and if there were crawfish ponds, this would be the perfect place to live.

There aren’t many places where the state representative would come visit when there’s a problem.  Today, we got a visit from the County Clerk!  Chad worked at one of the polls on Tuesday and part of his job was to check id’s.  If there were any problems, he had to call the Clerk.  There were no real problems but he did manage to run down his cell phone battery and I ran his charger down to him.  Chad was in a rush to leave when the polls closed because he had to get to class.  He forgot the cell phone charger at the church where they were working.  It wasn’t a big deal because all our phones use the same charger and he even had an extra one.

His charger was boxed up with the rest of the “stuff” and delivered to the Clerk’s office.  Chad had gone down there to see if it was there but at the time, the Clerk didn’t know it was there.  Anyway, she found it and brought it to our house today!  Can you believe that?

She told me what a nice young man Chad is, how much they all LOVE him!  I thanked her and told her not to be surprised to see his name on the ballot one day.  He loves politics!  Oh, she would be so thrilled to see him running for office.  Yep, me too because I have my shirt!


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    Sheila in Ohio says

    That’s hilarious! You’ll have to have Mary’s son make up something with a hanging Chad, huh? (with his arm from a tree?)

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    You’re a trip! Every time you write about how much you love your small town I have to laugh because I love my small city just as much. Last night we walked across the river to dinner and back all bundled up in our jackets and scarves! Did I mention I LOVE Minneapolis?!

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    Love the shirt! LOL! I love living in small towns, even though I only do it for the summer. If we settle down again someday, I really hope it’s in Lemmon, SD, because in spite of the freezing winters (where they had a blizzard last week!), I love the town so much, and the people, and the lifestyle!

    Is Finn on Stash Quilts?