Stash Report – Week 45

How’d you do?  For me, it was nothing in and very little out.  Watch out next week though!  I’ve set a personal goal for Week 46 to be my best report yet.  Vince will be gone much of the time and I plan to not only finish at least two tops but get some quilting done too (Backings . . Yippee!).  Don’t forget there’s a Quiltathon in there next weekend too!

Don’t forget to be thinking about your Stasbusting Plans for 2009.  Visit my stashbusting for 2009 page and download the Stash Buster’s Pledge for 2009.  There are 8 of us signed up so far.   For those of us reporting all through 2008, I think we’ve had fun.  We’ve had a few successes, a few of us that I wouldn’t quite rate as a success but we’re surely not calling outselves failure either.  Join in the fun!  There are no prizes, there are no penalties . . just fun and stashbusting!

Fabric added this week – 0 yards
Fabric added year to date – 466-1/2 yards
Fabric used this week – 3 yards
Fabric used year to date – 369-1/2 yards

Net Used to Date – <97> yards

Share you report please!


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    I must be one of those who was borderline failure/success! LOL. In 2009 we’ll hold hands and do it together. It won’t hurt so badly! xo

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    Okay so I gave in and joined your stash busting group. Hopefully I can keep my promise to myself and only buy what’s absolutely necessary and not just because I like it. I have so much stash that I like that I am running out of room and ideas. Also this means I’ll have to blog at least once a week. Good luck to all who have joined.

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    I also just pledged to Bust Stash! I was really stuck on settling on a number of yards to shoot for. I did finally pick a number, but as Lori in SD said, I think it will make me think twice (or three times) before I buy. I still want to support my LQS, but to a lesser extent!

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    Judy – I finally made the decision to sign up for the stashbusting in 2009. I’m not good at keeping track of what I use because I use so many little scraps, but of course it is easy to figure out how much I buy. I hope committing myself to this discipline will help me be more mindful of using what I have and making do. Thanks for keeping some of us accountable.
    Bonnie S. (Illinois)

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    My goal is to use up most of my little scraps; get it down to 1 large bin instead of 3. I’ll have to speed up if I’m to get done before retirement.

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    I don’t have a post on my blog about it, but I think I’ve used about 4 yards from stash. Give or take a half yard. I’m making aprons to sell at my quilt guild’s auction tomorrow. I would like to do two more, but I’m probably only going to get one more, and they are about 1.5 yards apiece. (Shh, don’t tell that I added 3 yards to use. 😀 Early Christmas gifts. 😉 )


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    A good week for me. I am almost caught up on customer quilts and can get busy quilting some of mine, which will use lots of stash for the backings. One more good weekend like this one and I’ll be all set.

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    I’ve just committed to continuing to bust more stash next yr. Have done well so far this yr but want to be able to see a bigger difference next yr. =)