Another Reason to Love the Stash

Do you sometimes feel like the powers that be just invent excuses to raise prices on everything?  I came across this article on the TV station’s web page from back home.  Sounds like the next thing we know, cotton fabric, cotton thread, cotton batting  .  . the things we need and love, will all be going up in price.

Maybe we’d all better slow down and make our stashes last as long as we can.


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    IMHO, that’s kinda why I’m not shopping so much any more. At over $9.00/yd, it’s just too much ‘over the top’ for me. So, I AM using my stash. 😎

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    For anyone living in USA who thinks $9 is a lot, try $20 – 25! Here in Australia I buy carefully, (well, sometimes) but I still manage a considerable stash!

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    There is absolutely no way I could run out of fabric in my lifetime….I just might have to get more creative about using what I have as I go along.

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    With prices rising – we pay US$ 25-30 a yard now – more reason to bust the stash indeed!
    I can not possibly run out of fabric for a long long time.
    My stash will probably outlive the financial crisis anyway – hehehe