Hazardous to the Stash??

Kim over at A Peach in Stitches has awarded several bloggers this Hazardous button.  Not sure if this is something that should make me proud.  Would hate to see my stash revolt! 🙂  I’ve added the little button over on my sidebar to remind myself to live up to this award.

Thanks, Kim!  I hope by this time next year, many of us will have made a big dent in our stashes.



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    Hmmm. . . . getting that badge (after reading Kim’s description) doesn’t seem to “jive” with your endeavors to reduce the stash. . . . or to help the rest of us reduce ours! LOL

    But I completely agree with Kim that you (and the others she has given the badge to) certainly qualify as “hazardous” people!! lol

    Have a wonderful day,

    In peace & pieces,

    Sherry V.

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    I understand that you are stash busting. But those of us with small stashes (basically only things that are already committed to a specific project) – your quilts make me want to go buy more fabric to make them – especially all of your QFAH quilts and your free patterns!

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    I agree that you’re hazardous to my stash! Every time you post one of your beautiful quilts, I run in there and start pulling out fabric! Well, I don’t think that’s hazardous, but maybe my stash does. I mean, after all, they’re warm and comfy up in the stash room, and here I go yanking them out and cutting them up!