Pills vs. Liquid

This post is kinda gross.  Sorry it’s right in front of a food post but be thankful there are no pictures.

I leave in a bit less than an hour to drive about 1 mile to the hospital where I’ll have my colonoscopy.  While none of this rates up there real high on my fun scale, my previous preps for the procedure involved drinking the liquid . . which I barely was able to get down and once I didn’t even drink it all and prayed it was good enough!

This time, I was given pills.  Yes, there are 40 of them!  20 were taken yesterday, in increments of 3 and then last time I took 2.  This morning at 4 a.m., I began taking the last 20 pills.  It was a piece of cake . . except I can’t swallow pills.  Even with them broken in half, I could usually get the first half down and the 5 remaining halves had to be chewed.  That still was better than drinking that nasty liquid stuff.

And, the . . how do I say it . . the “results” of the prep . . wasn’t bad!  I slept all night, finished taking the second batch of bills at 5:30 a.m. and by 6:30, I felt it was safe to go back to bed.  Slept like a rock til the alarm went off at 8:30!

While none of this is what you were hoping to read on my blog this morning, I’m sharing it simply to tell you that if you need a colonoscopy, get the pills and it’s a piece of cake!  Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a piece of cake or a fat, juicy cinnamon roll!

Seriously, the prep wasn’t bad.  A colonoscopy can save your life!

The holidays are coming up.  Give yourself a gift.  If you haven’t had your mammogram this year or if your doctor has recommended a colonoscopy and you haven’t done it, please call this week and get that scheduled.


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    Bobbie says

    One of my best friends had “one” yesterday -so happy she did it-outcome was some problems that surgery will take care of-Thank God she found out. I’m going to insist on pills for my next one-never even have had a choice. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Hey there I just had a colonoscopy a week 1 1/2 ago. I had to drink the liquid only 2x and it was not a bad flavour. Lucky me. I have not heard of the pills. Maybe that is the difference between Canada and States testing. I found that not eating the very hardest, but the test itself went well since they gave me some good drugs and I don’t remember being there!! Glad I had it done ..and all was fine. Good Luck.

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    Oh my – I’m going to rant … Stop reading now or …

    At least this procedure is better now than when I had it about 5 years ago. The worst part, OK, the OTHER worst part after drinking all that crap, was that NO ONE told me I’d better plan on living in the bathroom over night, pillow on the floor, or sitting on the you-know-what! And NO ONE told me to have 25 pairs of underwear ready. I asked the Dr. if she had ever had this test and she said NO. I asked my husband’ Dr. if HE had ever had this test and he said NO. Have ANY Drs. had this test themselves? Oh fine, it might save your life, but I almost KILLED my own DH for making me drink that stuff, and no, nothing was wrong with me other than that I didn’t drink enough water (another story I’ve already told bloggers).

    Thanks goodness the procedure is easier now.

    OK – I’m done

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    Marla says

    Ok, here is my two cents worth. No matter how bad this test or prep can be, please everyone do it!! I have a sister who had colon cancer and now has a colostomy but thank goodness, she checks out clear every year. And yes, she still has to go thru the scope every year and she still drinks that nasty stuff. On the other hand, I also had a brother who died two years ago from colon cancer and he had never had the scope done after my sister was diagnosed 10 years ago like all of our siblings were instructed to do.

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    I had to drink the liquid version. It wasn’t bad (lemon flavor) and the procedure went well, but they didn’t warn me that the anesthesia might not agree with me. We went out to eat because I was so hungry and it ended up coming right back up. Now I know for future procedures.

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    Ugh, I had to have one several years ago and the prep about did me in. The colonoscopy was a piece of cake. Hope yours was too.

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    I’ve had one – and I don’t want to EVER do that again! I know, I know – don’t lecture – I’ll do it again. But I don’t WANT to! Congrats on doing “it.” Do you get a teeshirt that says “I survived a bunch of crap”?

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    Ann says

    Hope your procedure went well! Just thought you should know that some doctors will not allow the pills…their thought is that they don’t work quite as well, possibly leaving behind some matter that isn’t passed through that could require having to go through the procedure again and drinking the “stuff”. I know it’s terrible…all flavors…I’ve had them all. After drinking so much of it, they all become sickening…just writing about it brings the taste to mind.

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    Eve says

    Good for you, Judy. Both for having the procedure done, and for encouraging others to do so. I had mine in June, and had polyps removed, and I was fortunate enough that they were pre-cancerous. My 97-year-old Grandmother is an 8-year survivor of colon cancer and a 2-year survivor of breast cancer.
    Ladies, just get the test done, and encourage your spouses/significant others to do the same. It’s a minor irritation to go through, to avoid major problems. Eve

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    shari says

    WTG Judy! I’ve had that awful thing done twice now. The first time I had a saline prep…salty, but not too icky. 2nd time was that awful gal of stuff! They forget to tell you that you need to be sitting on the throne while you’re drinking it! Can’t tolerate artificial sweeteners so I couldn’t take any of the flavorings. I quit at about the 3/4 point as I was throwing it back up. My normal reaction to this type of stuff is passing out cold so I guess throwing up is an improvement…? We should all do it, but we don’t have to like it…:)

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    What no Doctor ever tells you to do before the test is to eat a soft diet a few days, then a clear liquid diet a day or two before “it”. Think about what you get to eat in the hospital after surgery. (What most people call a “soft” diet is actually a “low residue” diet.) My sister who is a nurse advised me to do so before my last scope. Much less ‘throne’ time was involved.