Veterans’ Day

As much as I want to have hope for our country, on the news this morning they were talking about how many major newspapers have not even mentioned Veterans’ Day.  For the most part, my personal feeling is that the media (TV, newspaper especially) are worthless.

If your local newspaper (or any to which you subscribe) doesn’t have a big, positive story about our veterans on the front page today, will you please . . for me . . write them or call them and complain?

No matter who you supported for president, no matter how you feel about current or past wars, we owe our veterans a huge debt of gratitude and we need to thank them every chance we get . . especially on Veterans’ Day!

Thanks to all who are currently serving or have served our country and to all the wives/husbands and children who have stayed behind and carried on while their loved ones were away, and to the moms and dads who have prayed and done your part while  your sons and daughters are serving.


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    Marla says

    On behalf of several of my family members who have served in Vietnam and the Gulf War, thank you for your post today. I checked my local paper and there were several articles pertaining to Veterans Day.

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    I work at a Veterinary Spcialty Clinic which has 24 hour patient care. At 6:00 this morning I arrived at work. It was a pleasant surprise to see one of the doctors in his Scout Leader Uniform. Dr. B was checking on his patients before he had to leave for the morning. He said his son’s troup had a flag raising ceremony for Veterans Day. When my son was in scouts we lived overseas and had to be careful as to how we displayed the American flag. The only place we could raise the flag with the proper respect was at the American Club or the American Embassy. I’m so glad that, that very busy dad takes the time to teach those young boys patriotism which includes honoring our war veterans.

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    Anna says

    Hi Judy,
    Here in Canada, Remembrance Day is a big deal- Many of us have the day off and can attend a number of local memorial assemblies for the Veterans that served in various wars. Our local paper had full page ads that honored the military .
    For our own family it is particularly poignant as my father in law is remembered. He passed away just over a year ago . He served in WWII and was always proud of his service to his country in the name of freedom. We missed his zest for life- if you get a chance check out my blog post at

    At school my students made poppies and learned about Peace. We have a school assembly where the Last Post is played .


    I love the warning button about blog reading being hazardous to my stash- it made me smile…A

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    My news (Yahoo news on line – I can’t handle the wasted paper…) had a great story on veteran’s day & all of its worldly variations. I especially liked reading about the of the WWI vets. Our last WWIvet live in West Virginia… They think that this may be the last veteran’s day for that generation since the 4 survivors are in their 100’s.

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    Theresa says

    Living close to Fort Leavenworth, there is always a Veterans day parade in town. It is a special day! A very dear friend of mine was a POW for 4 years during WWII. His ship went down and after drifting in the ocean for awhile, they landed on enemy territory. The movie Bridge on the River Kwai (or however you spell it) was written about the men in his POW camp, He said that men were dying everyday from starvation. He spent Veterans day this year in Hawaii. There are only a few men left from his ship and they all united at Pearl Harbor this year for a reunion. (they were drifting at sea when PH was attacked.) I have spent many hours listening to stories he can tell of the hell that these men went through. I thank all the vets for all they have done for this great country!