You all know how I hate to shop, right?  You know how I love being at home, right?  You know that leaving the house is almost torture for me, right?  Figure this one out!

Got up this morning, took my shower, put on my T-shirt and jeans . .  sans that undergarment that I hate, T-shirt had its usual holes in the front where the pins on the longarm get me, slapped on a bit of makeup (just a tad . . not enough to make a difference!), came downstairs to begin my day.  Chad had spent the night with a friend, and gone hunting this morning so I didn’t have to worry about being quiet.  But . . what’s that noise?  It’s driving me nuts!  And why is Speck upstairs barking his head off?  Seems as though two houses down, they decided to jack hammer their driveway, and the darned 350 pound dog that points his head in my direction and barks all day if given half an excuse had all the excuse he needed to bark non-stop and the goofy dachshund (Speck) decided to sit upstairs and bark because the other dog was barking and the construction crew was rattling my windows!

This isn’t going to work so I fired off an e-mail to Karen Gass to see if she had time to meet me for lunch in Joplin.  She wrote right back that she did so . . back upstairs to put on that undergarment that I hate, slap on a bit more makeup, change the shirt and off I went.

The Honda, which is my car, was full of quilts because I’ve been just leaving them all in there for the trunk shows.  I wasn’t in the mood to bring them all in and I wasn’t sure how much shopping I’d be doing and I might need lots of room so I decided to take Vince’s car.  If anyone is wondering why they’re not just two “community” cars, you can read this post.  I went to the bank drive thru earlier this week so I had cleaned my car out just a bit because I was embarrassed by what the lady might see and think but it still isn’t anywhere near clean.  As always, there’s not a crumb of anything in Vince’s car.  That’s why we will never share a vehicle.  And, the funny thing is, in the house, it’s just the opposite.  I’m surely not a clean freak but I do so much better than he does with clutter inside.  Surely there’s some explanation for that phenomenon!

Anyway . . off I go!  A day to myself!  A day to shop!  A day to go anywhere I want to go — no restraints on my time!  If I want to backtrack a dozen times across Joplin and get lost twice, that’s perfectly alright!

Vince knew I was thinking about going to Joplin.  He was in Kansas City all day so he wasn’t coming home for lunch.  But then, I got to thinking . . maybe I should’ve brought the Honda.  What if someone opens their door and hits Vince’s car?  There are no dings in it yet and I surely don’t want to put the first one in there!  What if a big buck runs out in front of me and wham?  I tear up the whole front of Vince’s car!  I would be in big trouble.  Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea!

But, then I said to myself . . this car needs to be driven!  18 months old and has only 4,537 miles and wouldn’t have that many if we hadn’t drive it to Louisville last month!  Yes, taking Vince’s car was a great idea and besides that, I could get real used to driving it.  It has way more pep that my little 4 cylinder!  I might figure out a way to discuss with Vince about this car becoming my car and my car becoming his car but I don’t think today is a good day for that conversation! 🙁

If you think driving and talking on the cell phone is hard, try driving and taking decent photos!  Very difficult.  Especially for someone who cannot take decent photographs anyway!  Well, whatever I’m doing, at least I’m not the one visiting with the guy with the flashing blue lights!

So many photos . . what shall I show next?

This house!  I suppose some would think this is an ugly color but I love it!  I think if I owned it, I would paint the trim purple, maybe with just a bit of green.  I love purple, green and gold together.  Reminds me of Mardi Gras!

And, look at these gas prices!  Vince said they’re even less in Kansas City.  I kinda wonder why they only have biscuits and gravy on Tuesday and Thursday though.

I doubt any of you city slickers would think Joplin is a big city but when you live in a tiny little place and rarely go to a big city, Joplin seems like a city.  We don’t see lots of traffic and signs in our little town.  I feel like I’m in a big city when I’m in Joplin.  I’m much more comfortable in smaller places.  I kinda wish I’d stayed home!

But then I made my first stop!  Hobby Lobby.  I got a few things for the house.  I got this mirror that I think I will hang in the foyer.  I hate decorating .. it isn’t fun for me at all.  I asked the lady who lived here before us just to leave all her nails in the wall.  I’d find something to hang on them.  Almost 2 years later, I have not put stuff on all the nails.  How’s that for a backwards way of decorating?

Anyway, I think this mirror might work on this nail.

And, I bought this star.

Not sure why I bought the star.  I guess because it’s red and I like red.  I truly detest this window treatment but don’t have a clue what else to do here.  Straightening that left side would be a good start but I wish I had another idea for these windows.  Any suggestions?  I might hang the star centered over these four windows but it might look kinda lonely up there and . . there’s no nail there! 🙂

I also could put it on this section.  The ceiling is 12′ tall in this room.

This is getting long!   I’ll finish it tomorrow, ok?  Anyone still reading anyway?


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    Linda says

    Hi Judy, I was still reading at the end of the blog! Your attitude to decorating is the same as mine–I don’t wanna do it! Because I live alone I’m able to sew in my front room and I figure my fabric is all the decorating I need! Other people can worry about matching curtains and table cloths, etc! Love your blog. Read it every day!
    Lurking Linda

  2. 4


    Of course I read all the way to the end! You are adorable, both inside and out!

    Can’t believe your gas prices, we are still around $2.20. After this past summer, it sure is nice to see them dropping. I just hope they stay down. :~)

  3. 5


    I really enjoy reading your blog. I hate to shop too unless it’s quilt related and even then I’ve slowed down a bunch. I love staying at home sewing/quilting, baking, canning my homemade salsa and jams. I don’t particularly love cleaning though and other daily tasks seem to cramp my style too. I think you’re a great homemaker and mom and just wanted you to know I appreciate your so called ‘boring’ life!

  4. 6


    ROTFL I started nodding my head at the end of the post in an “I’m here, I’m here!!!” manner 😀

    I can top your 2-year-naked nails – we’ve been in our house 14 years and there isn’t a single thing on the walls in our bedroom. There used to be a small picture up on a corner wall but it fell down and I never got around to putting it back up, LOL. There’s certainly less to dust when the walls are nekkid!

  5. 7

    Julie says

    A friend just introduced me to your blog. I love it! You post more often than most. Keep up the great work. I love the quilting mixed with real life mixed with recipes. I’m ready to try the caramel apple jam. From a farming, canning, quilting, bread baking grandma with way too much fabric and not enough time in my day. P.S. gasoline in the northwest is $3.29 today.

  6. 8


    Yup, caught me reading all the way to the end…..the reason I don’t have pictures up in some areas…..its fresh painted sheetrock……three years ago……I just hate to put a blemish in it. But some of us want to know………how much fabric did you buy???? I’m sure you stopped at more than just Hobby Lobby……common Judy…..’fess up!!!!!

    Karen L

  7. 9


    I hope you at least had a good lunch. I had to take Chesty for grooming and since it’s a bit of a drive I just run all my errands while I’m out and have the car — I drive about once or twice a month…maybe.

    So I spent two hours running from store to store… BTW I like shopping just about as much as you do.

  8. 10


    Great Post! Couldn’t stop reading and wondering why your pics were not blurry! Love you blog and am still wishing I had found it before you started the BOM!

  9. 11


    oh my I giggled all the way too the end,thankyou so much for taking me to Joplin with you(cause reading that I surely felt I was sitting beside you)
    cheers Vickie

  10. 12

    patty in roseville says

    oh yeah, i was there till the end, following right along with you and nodding all the way, but was cut short at the end. isn’t it funny the way our train of thought goes. hope it was a great day, you have some great souvenirs from it!

  11. 13

    Rita Engard says

    It’s such a treat for me to read your blog. You would think my life is really boring but it’s just perfect for me. I am not much into decorating either so all I can come up with is to go buy another red star so you have one for each nail lol.
    Rita E in AZ

  12. 14

    pdudgeon says

    i think we’ve talked about this before, but if you put a shelf over the LR windows and get rid of the fabric, then you can put the star on top of the shelf and have lots of room for other goodies as well.(wreath, baskets, jars, shelf sitters, plates, etc.)

  13. 16


    On your nails, can you hang that picture somewhere else and put a quilthanger on those nails and put a quilt there? Or a larger piece of art that would cover them?

  14. 17


    Your line of thinking works with all of us ! LOL
    … made complete sense.

    Thanks for sharing the day.. when are you coming to Columbia?

    now that the shopping is done. its a Jammie/ sewing day …. !
    have fun ~~~~Karylsquilts

  15. 18


    I, too, read all the way to the end… some people read their bible daily, I read your blog daily… hmmm… might be something wrong with that picture, but… you bring a twinkle to my eye, a smile to my face, and a pitter patter to my heart. Thank you!!!

  16. 19


    I think I have the same decorating sence as you. I don’t even care if anything is on the wall and if there is it is probable a quilt. I think the star would look great above the windows.

  17. 22

    Becky in GA says

    Judy, I think you’re a nut. A good nut, but a nut none the less. I can just imagine you driving, eating and taking pictures. I would have killed myself to say the least. Thanks for the chuckle, I needed that.

  18. 23

    lori says

    Love your blog, I try to read it daily. I also don’t like decorating, finally hung some lighthouse tiles on my bedroom wall, after 20 years. Been redecorating my dining room, ( I hung some of the girls school wood work up this year. The girls have been out of school since 1996 and 1998 and 2000. I really don’t know how old the things are, I’m sure since junior high.

  19. 24

    Peggy Welchert says

    Enjoyed the trip. I was not too far from that area of the country just a couple of weeks ago. We were in Branson, Springfield and Fort Smith.

    I agree with those who suggested earlier to hang a quilt and ditch the picture. Another suggestion is to put a swag of greenery, but I like the quilt better. I also have problems with the window treatment. They seem to be skimpy for the size of the window. I think it would be better to have something coming down between the windows, but not cover the glass itself.

    The star needs to be high in the room, but don’t let it be lonely on the wall!

    I have never heard of pumpkin butter. I know it isn’t in this part of the blog, but I am behind in my reading.

  20. 25

    Rebecca says

    I don’t detest decorating…I just don’t bother! And *blush* the way I keep house anyway, who would even see it?

    However: have you ever considered balloon shades for those windows? They usually have a coordinating valance, which would not look so lonely. If those are too poofy for you, then how about Roman shades? You can get either of these pre-made or custom-fitted.

    Oh, yeah: your mention of Mardi Gras colors are making me re-re-think what to do with my pre-printed MG panels that I got *ahem* a few years ago. This is a good time to think about ’em!