More Shopping

Before we continue with my shopping expedition, here’s more decorating help I need.

There was already a nail where I hung this print.  But if you click on the picture, you’ll see two more nails.  What on earth can I put on those two nails?  It isn’t like I can’t pull the nails out and stick some paint up there but if anyone has any good ideas for something to hang on those nails, I’d be happy to hear them.

OK . . back to shopping.  After Hobby Lobby, I went to Goodwill.  Not sure what I was looking for but I didn’t find it.  Then to Merle Norman for some lipstick (free gift was really what I was after!), then to meet Karen Gass.  Here we are at The Red Onion.

Karen and I have been internet buddies for about 3 years but had never met.  It was nice to get to meet her in person and I hope we get together often!  Karen is the editor of Cotton Spice, has a book and patterns too.

After lunch, I headed off and got lost.  I knew I should’ve turned left but turning right looked right so I did it and then I saw a restaurant that I recognized but it should’ve been on the left side of the street and it was on the right side of the street and then I looked at the compass thing and it said W.  I thought to myself — W=Oklahoma, E=Springfield.  I should be going towards Springfield to get back where I want to be so I made a U-turn and got back on track.

Went to Target and wandered the store.  Bought 6 – 12 packs of Dr. Pepper that was on sale.  Have to tell you this story.  When we were in Evansville, IN last month, the car wasn’t packed to the gills but we had 3 quilts that I planned to bind (didn’t), all our clothes, a cooler, Speck’s kennel, 2 laptops, etc.  While in Evansville, we saw Dr. Peppers on sale.  I stayed in the car while Vince went in to get them.  He asked how many 12 packs he should get.  I said . . ten.  Why did I say ten?  That’s a lot of Dr. Pepper.  Why didn’t Vince say “that’s too many!”  Nope, he went in and bought 10 – 12 packs; and now we’re stuffed to the gills!  He wasn’t so happy with my request for 10 – 12 packs but hey . . he’s the one who bought them.  Don’t blame me!

Back to the shopping trip.  The other day when I couldn’t eat (colonoscopy prep . . remember?), what do you think I was doing while starving and feeling sorry for myself?  I watched Food Network.  Giada made these marvelous looking (I was starving . . everything looked marvelous!) Mini Pineapple Cakes so I bought myself a cake pan to make the mini cakes.

I have a couple of these green LeCrueset baking pans and I love them.  The color is perfect in my kitchen so I bought two more.  Sorry . . I’d already stuck them in the cabinet.

And I bought these three pumpkins.  All day I was thinking of pumpkin butter.  Not sure why but I’m going to make myself some pumpkin butter.  Vince probably wouldn’t be overjoyed to see these heavy rascals sitting on the hood of my car but . . I sat them there very gently and removed them promptly after photographing them so . . he shouldn’t object, right?

Chad wants me to make pumpkin gingerbread for several of his adult friends so I bought these cheap baskets and Fall napkins to line them and will make pumpkin bread in the next day or so so he can make his deliveries.  Actually I like those napkins a lot and I may have to keep them and find something else to line the baskets.  Bad Judy!

Vince definitely wouldn’t be thrilled that I’m eating pumpkin custard with marshmallow creme on top while driving his car but what he don’t know won’t hurt him!

I really enjoyed getting out for the day, enjoyed having lunch with Karen and for the rest of week, I will stay home, make pumpkin butter, pumpkin gingerbread and sew!   Yep, that’s what I’m doing!


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    What about putting a grapevine and floral swag on those nails over the photo? True, you might have to put a third nail in the middle, but it can’t be that bad. And I think a swag would create a nice shape there and fill up the wall.

  2. 2

    KC says

    Hey! I was at Target too! I was b’day and Christmas shopping (I’m sure you have yours all done). I also live in a small town and go to the bigger towns to go to Target etc. My husband really dislikes that I eat in the car but after 32 yrs. he’s learn to live with it tho I do try to be careful as I really don’t want mice in my car!!! (Some people wrecked their car near our home due to a mouse in the car). Yesterday it was “white choc. peppermint mocha” with whipped cream from Starbucks-MMMM!
    Glad you enjoyed your day out (hope the jackhammer is gone)

  3. 4


    I would do what Cara suggested also!

    You day sounds almost as good as a day spent sewing! :~)

    Pumpkin butter, so share that recipe, it sounds intriguing!

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    A. L. says

    I would take down the picture (relocate) and put a nice cafe rod up there and hang one of your gorgeous quilts. Change the quilt from time to time.

  5. 7


    If you have two narrow quilted wall hangings you could flank either side of the picture with them. I am not a fan of swag or silk florals (so consider that with my opinion) and it seems you don’t like your other swag treatment on the window. I say show off your works. ~ksp

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    Tina C. says

    I enjoyed reading about your big shopping day! I always check your blog and love how often you post.

    Thought you would like to know that I lived in Joplin when I was growing up. My dad was in retail and moved us around west Texas to Tulsa to Joplin. We lived there 8 years. I attended elementary school there. We lived on Minnesota Street and on Wall Street. My family and I drove through Joplin about 7 years ago and I was amazed at what a big city it has become. I found the house I lived in when I was little. It’s not what I remembered…a bit small!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I vote for a swag on the nails. For someone that doesn’t like to shop your sure did a lot of it. Do you cook with all that Dr. Pepper?

  8. 11

    Eve says

    Well, I think I have to agree w/ Sandra. My first thought was that a couple of wall sconces would be perfect on those two nails.
    And you did a great job of shopping and visiting w/ Karen, and getting away from the jackhammer/dogs combo. Good for you!!
    And I’m drooling just thinking about the pumpkin butter you’re going to make. Eve

  9. 12


    I am NO decorator, but I have seen a ribbon type of affair that would start high and drape down straight, actually hiding nail holes, but other items, pictures, ‘things’ can be positioned over the long ribbon, looking very cohesive.

  10. 13


    I love the cheap baskets. They look exactly what I have been looking for to put projects in. Can you tell me where you bought them? I think you had a very eventful day. I really don’t like shopping so I go only when I have to. I prefer to order online. Terry

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    Linda says

    I am with A.L., take the picture down, put up a rod and hang a quilt. Your quilts are absolutely stunning. I have a rod in my office and hang a quilt and change it about every 3-4 months–the total amount of my decorating–and it’s not even at my home!!
    Lurking Linda

  12. 15


    I would visit that shop you visited last year when you got your cute lamp and things. I’m sure they have some wonderful ideas. Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to decorate with stash and then have it ready to put in a quilt as needed?