Pumpkin Butter

The pumpkin butter is in the crockpot . . just a bit too much of it I’d say.  It’s already cooked down some and will cook down some more and then I’ll add more pumpkin and more sugar and then I’ll use the stick beater and mix it all up real good and then I’ll sit down with a whole loaf of bread and eat as much of it as I can possibly eat.  Not really . . but maybe!

It smells so good!  I meant to get some pumpkin bread made today but that didn’t happen.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  I thought our pumpkin bread was disappearing way too quickly.  Chad is using it for sandwiches!  With mayo and ham and cheese . . and with butter for a grilled cheese sandwich!  What is that boy thinking?

Just to prove to you that I make more than my share of messes:

That is sugar!  That is what was left in the sugar canister when I dropped it!  What a mess.  I’ve mopped the kitchen four times and I still find sticky spots.  This would have been a great day to have one of those little hand held vacuum things.  I tried to pick up as much as I could because I don’t even know how to dump our vacuum cleaner.  Vince just did it a few days ago and I thought about asking him to show me how to do it but then I figured it would become another of my jobs if he showed me how to do it.  But, now  . . Vince is out of town til Sunday night, he has class Monday night so it will probably be Tuesday before he can dump it.  Hope this sugar doesn’t attract ants (or worse) while sitting in my vacuum bucket.

Before the sugar disaster, I got all three pumpkins done.  The pumpkin butter took 7 quarts plus I ended up with 9 – 15 oz. packages of pumpkin.  I think my pumpkins were a good idea.  Dumping the sugar . . not such a good idea! 🙁


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    Do you make pumpkin butter just like apple butter? I love apple butter, so this sounds like something that I would really enjoy. Could you share the recipe?

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    Linda C says

    I know what Chad was thinking, he was thinking “yum!” Those sandwiches on pumpkin bread sound just delicious!

    I’m sorry to hear about your misadventure with the sugar. Sad to say, the sticky can really last. I was making mead long ago and dropped a pot of honey water (over a gallon of 1 part honey to 4 parts water, just off the boil) and flooded the kitchen floor. No one was hurt but even after many many moppings we all stuck to the floor for months.

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    Yum, yum, yum! I have pumpkins, I have a crockpot, I have a good recipe, I have a desire for pumpkin butter . Guess what I’m doing tomorrow!!
    I am such a follower!

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    Oh, man, that smells good! Yes, I can smell it all the way out here! I think Chad is really smart to use up that pumpkin bread so it doesn’t get stale! And the sugar mess — you pulled a vicky!!

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    I’ve never had apple butter or pumpkin butter. I’m reading all the wonderful comments about it. I guess I’m going to have to try it someday. I know where I can get a great recipe if I ever want to make it! 🙂

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    Evelyn says

    Those little hand-held rechargable vacumes are the best!!! Of course, I have a 5 year old so it comes in handy lots – but DH often spills the coffee grinds, etc. too. I love it for quickly sucking up threads I’ve dropped on the floor. And… get this – it makes the absolute BEST fly catcher when you have lots of flys buzzing around.