Nail Issue Resolved

Before you see what I did, I have to tell you . . do you really think Chad doesn’t know how to do laundry?  He also cooks better than I do because he’s more creative and he just thinks up things that are really good.  But, I’m one of those OCD type people or whatever you might want to call me (nothing bad, please!).  I don’t like anyone in my kitchen and I don’t like anyone messing around in my laundry room.  When I’m out of town, Chad cooks all kinds of stuff and does all the laundry.  He would be perfectly happy to do his own but . . it’s my laundry room and I don’t share! 🙂  Besides that . . I’ve never thought laundry was a big deal.  Stick the stuff in the washer; do what I normally do; stick it in the dryer; continue doing what I normally do.

OK.  Back to those nails!  Almost 2 years of looking at them (January 2, 2009 it will be 2 years but again . . who’s counting??).  I went down to Interior Motives.  I may say I don’t like decorating but I do love that store!  I could come home with one of everything!  Then I’d surely be running for cover when the Discover Card bill arrives.  Poor Vince!

I explained to them what I thought I wanted.  The lady who lived here before we did seems to have spent way too much time at that shop because the lady who owns the store knows every square inch of my house!  It was definitely decorated beautifully when we came through when it was for sale.  Anyway, I described what I thought I wanted.  Some kind of metal shape with a hook on which I could hang candles; or maybe a wall sconce on which I could put candles.  We searched and nothing was really jumping out at me.  It had to be narrow and it needed to be long but I didn’t want something real heavy looking.

We narrowed it down to two different metal wall vases in which they could put greenery or whatever, and one set of candle holders.  I brought all that home to see how it looked.  The candle holders each had 2 spots for nails (one on the top left and one on the top right) so they wouldn’t work because I only had one nail on each side.  Yes . . I could easily have added one more nail on each side but I didn’t want to do that.

This is the picture I took of the two vases.  We decided we liked the one on the left better but then Bobbi (the real decorating guru) said . . those just aren’t right!  They’re too high!  Sorry .. that’s where the nails are! She thought maybe if we put something over the top of the picture, that might make it work but again . . don’t want to put more nails in the wall!  So we continued searching.

Here’s what we came up with and I’m giving you a bigger picture so you can see the whole setting.

I love it!  The vases look like they’re peppermint stripe but they’re not.  They’re kinda like a light tree bark with a vine wrapped around them.  They put in magnolia leaves, moss, some feathers . . they go great with the picture!

You won’t believe this but when I first hung them, even with the rope thing they hang from, they were too high and I had to take out those blasted nails (which were actually big honking screws!), putty in the holes, then I used heavy duty straight pins instead of a nail.  The holes are now painted, as are some nail holes that were in the hallway (which is a lighter tan and I had to get out two cans of paint!) and a scratch up the stairs.

Vince called and I told him about them.  Of course, his only question was “How much did that cost?”   He assured me that he would have removed those nails and painted over them for way less $$ than I spent!  Men!!


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    pdudgeon says

    congrats on those lovely wall sconces!!! that decorater is good.

    ps. sharing is a good thing–especially when it gives you more time to quilt.

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    Hiya, Judy. Decorating is such fun, huh!?! Decisions, decisions. I love the artwork and the idea you’re going for, so please don’t take this the wrong way — it’s just my opinion and I’m by no means an interior decorator, so just take it for what it worth. LOL! I think the greenery you used in those vases is just too much for that small wall. It overpowers that beautiful picture and doesn’t leave enough “bare” wall on either side. You might want to go thinner on the greenery. Maybe some pussywillows or just ivy or something similar. Like I said, just my 2 cents. :o)

    BTW, have a great quiltathon weekend! Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate this time around. We’re packing for our big move. Hugs!

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    Judy, you did a great job. I love your wall decorations. I think it good for us women to do a few things for yourselves. I’ve got a hammer, the basic screwdrivers, a power drill with lots of attatchments, a power saw, etc. And I can use them…..dangerous but true…..LOL

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    Evelyn says

    Well good for you for getting what you like! I hate decorating myself, but certainly do admire the efforts of others.

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    Looks great. I knew that store had something you would like. You could tell Vince that you are decorating in stages so it doesn’t break the bank all at once.

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    Linda says

    Your picture wall looks good. I did have to smile though at the fact that after all you went through you still had to take those nails out, putty over the holes & paint. Since you said they were actually screws, was there a shelf on that wall previously? That’s about the only thing that would have worked the way they were positioned, I think.
    Anyway, good job.

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    Darlynn Venne says


    I am a lurker in the blog world. Read your blog daily and love it. Thanks. I live in IL, but wish I lived nearer to you. We think a lot alike. I have 3 boys….21, 19, 17. They all can cook, some better than others. They all can do laundry.
    That being said, I like to cook and I like to do laundry. I liked being a housewife and I liked taking care of the men in my life. I am also an RN and work full time (was a stay at home mom until husband passed away…..miss him terribly). I still sew daily, read, go on quilting retreats…in other words, I also have “me” time.
    I don’t think I am doing my boys any “harm” by cooking for them and doing their laundry….because I like to do it. So, if you don’t have a problem cooking, cleaning or doing your family’s laundry, then I continue on the path that works for your family.
    Thanks for the bloggin’!

    ps….I do like to decorate though…..Love the picture….not a big sconce person, but your wall looks nice.

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    Those wall sconces (or whatever you call them ) are really different…very pretty. I love the feathers you put in them and they draw attention to your picture. Nail hole….hummm..I’ve lived in 5 houses in the last 22 years and I put my share of nail holes in each one. I love to decorate and I change pictures around all the time. Bill used to get upset..rant and rave but then I think he figured all his antics weren’t going to stop me from putting nail holes in the wall and he mellowed considerably.

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    We have always lived in rented housing, with other peoples nails, and I have become quite good at adapting my stuff to fit those nails……or adding new ones!
    And Vince may have done it cheaper, but if he is an average male, when would he have done it? And what would he have done? I now have my own tools to save our marriage!