Quiltathon Prep

Don’t forget we have a Quiltathon this weekend!  Before we get into the Quiltathon, thanks for the suggestions about the two nails in the wall.   I had kinda wanted to hang some kind of wall sconce there but I may just pull the nails, patch the holes and paint over them and be done with it.  I love these sconces but they don’t go right there.  Maybe I will run down to the decorating shop today and see what I find.  If I find nothing . . I’m done; nails come out.

I don’t want to take the picture down.  I love it and there’s really no other place I can put it.  Elton Louviere is a local artist from home and this is one of his prints and it reminds me of the swamps that I love!  If you look at his prints, it’s “River Mist”.  I have “Ryan Street” hanging in my dining room.  Even though I have no place in this house to hang it, I would love to have “Bird’s Camp”.  Those are the scenes from home that I miss so much.

And, since the picture is kinda rustic, I wouldn’t mind a swag if I could get one that incorporates moss and woodsy type things.  I’d probably be more likely to be able to have one made to my liking if I was in Louisiana but I think if I can’t find the wall sconce that I want, I’ll just take the nails out and forget it.

About hanging quilts, I have quilts over the chairs, over the stair rails, on several quilt racks and I almost feel like we have quilt overload here so I don’t want a quilt hanging on that wall, but if I didn’t have so many quilts all over the house, that wall would be a great place for it.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

About the naked book, I didn’t order it because I never dreamed I’d have a hard time finding it.  I’ll order one and solve that little issue.

With Vince out of town, my plans for the day:

  1. Do the mountain of laundry that Chad brought up this morning.  He thinks I haven’t noticed that he saves it til a rainy day so his laundry doesn’t get hung on the line!
  2. Put the pumpkin butter in jars and get it all put away.
  3. Go to Interior Motives to check for something for those nails.  I’ll show you a picture if I find something.
  4. SEW!!

Do whatever you need to get done today so you can sew with me all weekend, ok?


  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    change number 1 to “Teach Chad how to do his own laundry”.

    i know you like to wait on him while he’s still home, but it’s also good to teach him how to be independent before he needs to be.
    so leave the laundry until he gets home and go about your other tasks as though it wasn’t sitting there.

  2. 6

    pdudgeon says

    i guess if he really wanted to do his laundry himself he could always take it to a laundrymat.

  3. 7


    “Want” might be the operative word here…lol
    What do you have to do to join the quiltathon? I must’ve missed this. I have a class in the morning, but then plan to sew the rest of the weekend. Hopefully, that is.

  4. 9


    ALL set here ! Spagetti, meat balls to the crock pot, fix a noodle later.
    laundry done,, and yes the kids have TWO HANDS also, loll use em !

    I finished a lap top today will hem that, then Im back to hand quilting a holiday one as long as my fingers hold out…enjoy ~~K

  5. 10


    I taught my firstborn how to do laundry at age 17.
    Second child learned at 14.
    Kid number 3 is doing it at 11.
    My kids are either getting more able or I am getting lazier!
    (my mom did my laundry for me until I moved away from home at 21)

  6. 11


    Sure wish I could sew all weekend! However I have a scrapbook party to attend at noon tomorrow – I don’t plan to get into scrap booking but I’m curious, and I didn’t want to disappoint my friend. Sunday Lily is being dedicated at church so the morning is devoted to family. I sure plan to fit a bunch of sewing in between however!

    Hope you got the comment I posted on your stashbusting post of a week or two ago. I’ve posted to my blog and put my name on the list on your stashbusting challenge page.

  7. 12

    gardenpat says