Quiltathon Afternoon & Evening – 11/15

Anyone still sewing with me?  I finished the top and got ready to work on the second top and realized I hadn’t finished the instructions.  I have a real hard time starting mid-stream so I just dumped it all and started over with the instructions.  That’s now done.  Chad will be home from work in 30 minutes or so.  We’re going to grill steak . . he’s mostly doing it . . too darned cold out there tonight.  Notice that real feel — 25 degrees!  Brrrr!

After we eat, Chad’s going to his friend’s house where they gather most Saturday nights to watch pay per view fights or wrestling — some goofy man type stuff.  He’ll be home a little after midnight and I’ll probably stay up and sew til then since I’m too chicken to go to bed til he gets home.  I’m so happy this is the last night Vince is gone.

Keep sewing!


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    still at it, sorta,, stopped to make bread per new ‘ 5 min Artisian bread book’ a whole new concept lol I DONT bake..
    I have one border hand quilted.. Im waiting for hubbys help to roll up the frame.
    In the mean time, Im drawing feathers for some odd shaped triangles.

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    I’m still sewing along with you! I was looking around your blog a few minutes ago for mister linky box and couldn’t find him. I saw one for the current BOM though. Can you point me in the right direction?

    For the rest of the evening I’ll be sewing half square triangles. Kinda mindless, but I love watching the chain develop.

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    Evelyn says

    I made my son a stuffed bunny today and cut out some new patterns… added a final border to a baby quilt yesterday… baked brownies & 4 loaves of bread today, plus laundry… no idea what we will do tomorrow, but I am sure it will be busy (rain, rain, rain!). Bad news is that my serger keeps breaking 1 needle so my clothes sewing is a bit behind – I have several new packs of needles and am determined to figure it out tomorrow.

  4. 6


    I’m cutting and sewing. Well, I stopped to eat, but I’m back at it. I’ll probably crash early tonight since I was up at 4:00 this morning to go to work.

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    Vivian says

    I’m still here with you. I’m at a stand still on one of my quilts. I have it pieced as far as I can. I ordered a charm square pack of “cotton blossoms” by Moda and need to order matching fabric for the borders. I wanted to see the fabric before I decided what to use for borders.

    I’ll probably be sewing quite late. As long as I sew, I stay awake. If I sit down and read blogs or watch TV and I fall asleep in my chair. I have several Christmas projects in my mind waiting to get out.

  6. 8


    I’m busy binding….almost halfway. I’ll probably work on it a couple more hours, although I’m starting to run out of steam.

  7. 9


    I’m binding here this evening too, but am about ready to call it a day. Hopefully I can get as much done tomorrow as I did today!

  8. 10


    I managed to get a bit done on my niece’s Dora quilt. Then a friend came over for dinner and a visit, and I ironed fabric to go in my stash, while she worked on a quilt she’s making. I got some more organizing done of the sewing area. Not much really accomplished, but a little. I hope to find a few hours tomorrow to finish up the Dora quilt, then I need to plan what I’m doing for gifts and when they are due … like my g/f’s bday gift due last week, not started… oops.

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    Ida says

    “RealFeel ™” … I know where you get your weather! 😉 I work at the place that holds the Trademark on that name. =-)

    I did some quilting this weekend. Cut squares for practice freemotion quilting, and on Sunday I had the Freemotion quilting class.