Quiltathon Link Box

Since tomorrow is Stash Report Sunday, and it gets too confusing if I have too many Mr. Linky boxes, I’m going to put on here.  If you have a Quiltathon report for today and a separate one for tomorrow, feel free to make two entries here.  Just be sure to link to the post and not to the main blox.



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    I’m really enjoying my first Quiltathon with you all! I made 3 Quilties today, a regular tag blanket, and finished up a sun dress for my 2 year old. I’m feeling pretty productive and can’t wait to see what I get done tomorrow!

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    I made chili for dinner; it worked well. Sew a while, cook a bit, sew a bit, cook a bit. The beans are mostly no work and the meat cooked quickly; it was ready by 2 so I got to reheat it for dinner. I’m so happy to have Austin’s quilt top done; I can put away my red explosion of scraps finally and get to work on something Christmasy.

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    starting day two off right with a big cup of coffee and some chain piecing! i’ll update my post throughout the day just like yesterday. it sure has been fun to peek in at everyone’s progress!

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    I am just getting started this morning on my QuiltAThon!! Hope to get lots of blocks made. I’ll be posting soon. Thanks, Judy!

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    Thanks, Judy… I’m done for the weekend and I feel I got a lot accomplished. I’ll be ready for the next Quiltathon too! So much fabric… so little time 🙂

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    I quilted as much as I could this weekend. I’m hand quilting the spring trio wall hangings I made from a UFO. I’ve finished one and done quilte a bit on tthe second. I wrote a stash report aand have posted the link above.

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    I didn’t feel well this weekend, so got a late start both days. But I made some progress and that’s what counts! Hope I can participate in the next one, too.

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    Heres my blog linky to show pics of what I did during Quiltathon! My guys were gone all weekend so I made SUSHI for myself! Even posted pics of that too! I got alot done, lots of charity tops will be given away this week! Thank you Judy!~