Saturday Morning Quiltathon – 11/15

Who’s sewing?

I just finished adding the pieced border to a top and will now add three non-pieced borders . . maybe be done by lunch; and be ready for the next top.

Hope you’re all getting lots done!


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    I am!!! I am working on a Christmas gift. One plain border to put on, prepare the backing and hopefully get it loaded on the HQ. I also want to do a little Thanksgiving wall hanging. I haven’t been able to join in the last couple of Quiltathon’s, so this is fun!

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    Attended guilds charity quiting event Saturday – now Sunday & I hope to get some quilting done this afternoon. Roast chicken for dinner – easy to prep & let cook so more time to sew.

    Love Leanne

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    Good morning Judy… I was up at 7:00 AM sewing (well, actually embroidering). I have a class today to make a Christmas tree skirt quilt with embroidered snowglobes. Really great project. I’ll post pictures on my blog later today. After that class is another class to create mitered border Thanksgiving placemats. I’ll post pics of those too. Happy Sewing!!

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    Me too. I got Snow Wonderland quilted this morning. I just ate lunch and now I’m going to work on making some Christmas gifts.

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    I’m sewing here too! I just finished quilting a baby quilt for our new granddaughter who is due at Thanksgiving…now on to the binding!

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    No sewing for me today…..I have an out of town wedding to attend and its an overnight thing….maybe tomm afternoon I’ll get some sewing time. Everyone have a productive weekend and I look forward to seeing what everyone gets done.

    Karen L

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    I’m teaching Boo how to sew. We’re making a pillowcase first. Then a nap. Then an apron. Maybe some work on a forgotten quilt (UFO).


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    I am joining in on the fun today! I have a quilt top that is about 1/2 done and my goal is to get it completed this weekend. Have church this evening and we are going to have hambugers, hotdogs, and frenchfries for dinner. Off we go.

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    pdudgeon says

    i’m sewing too. got my BOM block done.
    couldn’t get the file to download (probably my computer’s fault) so i decided to paper piece the center block. I’m sure that’s probably not how Judy did it, LOL!
    Drafted that part and got it sewn, then used the measurements and directions from a previous month’s BOM to finish the rest of the block.
    sometimes we quilters just have to get creative.

    As soon as i can get blogger to grab a pic i’ll post mine.

    meanwhile i’ll take a break and check the mail, (while it’s not raining) then it’s back to sewing.

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    KC says

    No sewing for me-lunch out with MIL and 2 SILs to celebrate MIL’s b’day then this evening is DGS#1 ‘s b’day party. Need to wrap presents. Hopefully tomorrow!

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    I started and finished a skirt! Now to clean up my sewing room (the assistant has a volcano of toys) and trim some scraps. Then… who knows? The girls will be up by then!

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    I was all ready to start sewing when hubby called to tell me that he was on his way home. Too cold/windy to hunt. Then off to look at some property….Now it is 2:30pm and I am off to sew some Christmas Presents….

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    Vivian says

    I am machine quilting (domestic machine) a queen size quilt for my daughter for Christmas. This is my first attemp at a large quilt. A lot of pulling and tugging. Can’t wait to get a long arm.

    The other quilt I am working on will be for my MIL or son’s girlfriend.

    I feel so good that I am getting so much accomplished.

    Thanks, Judy for holding these quilt-a-thons to get us all motivated. (Great sewing weather here in Arkansas. First days in the 30’s. Wood stove going, a good movie, and sewing. What could be better?

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    Hubby off hunting. I promised myself that I would exercise, yuck, clean house and then sew. I am just now starting. I am a afternoon evening quilter anyways.

  15. 20

    Linda B. says

    I went to a guild workshop. We were making a Christmas table runner. I am home now and going to rest a little bit, then work on the runner some more. Hope all are having a great day!

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    pdudgeon says

    computer finally cooperated and i’ve got the BOM instructions printed out. will re-do my center, but that shouldn’t take very long.
    got a lovely pattern in the mail today from Bunny Hill for a year-long quilt that i’ll start next year. “Autumn House”, here i come!
    I’ve been busy pouring thru the Hancock’s catelogue this afternoon deciding which materials i need/want to make it. I will be using my stash for most of it, but i think a few new fabrics will find their way in as well.

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    I am!!! I’m so excited that I finally get to participate in the quiltathon. It’s been a while. I posted about it today.

    I’ll talk to ya later!


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    gardenpat says

    Finished another baby quilt top from the “Strips and Strings” book by Evelyn Sloppy. Modified it a bit and it really looks good- I think! will take a photo tomorrow.

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    ooops–missed this! hehehe I did do some sewing! Working on Thimbleberries big club quilt for 08. and worked on a sample of French Braid by Karen Montgomery (Timeless Treasures) for a quilt shop where I help out! I also printed out Catching a Falling Star…wow–what a pattern–THANKS!!! you seem to love stars as much as I do! I had to go to the book I have of yours and see if it was in there and saw more star block patterns–I am a STAR lover, too!–thanks again