Share Block 8 Photos Please

Once you get your Block #8 done, will you please share photos.  Please be sure to link to the individual post and not to your main blog.  Thanks!


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    those of you that have finished this block already–any tips you have to offer regarding the paper pieced portion….measured as is on the paper it is just under 3 inches…can I enlarge this before printing the template/block on pg 2? do I even need to do this part?
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I used the first clue to make three paper squares. With a ruler and lamp under the paper I drew the lines. I do love PP and learned it with my DIL’s help. I can’t send you the training patterns as they belong to another professional artist and She no longer is on the internet. Sorry. Rosetta

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    I am paper piecing challenged, so I just winged it and it worked although it did involve a bit of unsewing! I’ll probably never be able to duplicate it again . . .

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    ya know–I couldnt even find this page a bit ago–I had to have Judy’s help with that, too! I used paper in both attempts—I completely forgot about holding the thing up to the light –that part I am happy with! hehehehe somehow I managed to cut two points short on the geese parts…but they are only a teensy bit short so it is ok! (for me)

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    This block was a bit more challenging. I think what some of us ran into was that the paper piece square in the instructions did not print on our computers at three inches. I had to draw my own and hence human error came into play. And play it did! LOL

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    Actually being a veteran paper piecer, I found this one to be pretty simple. Plus I’ve recently made lots and lots of stars for other projects!

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    Katie says

    Oh Judy…how I hate paper piecing… But I toughed it out because I’m just too far along in the making of this quilt to give up now. Did you plan it that way? 🙂 It only took me two attempts and, had I read the directions a little more carefully, I would have been fine the first time. But I still don’t like paper piecing. I’d love to show you all my block, but I can’t so you’ll just have to trust me that the paper pieced portion corners came out better than the traditional pieced corners!

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    I made the deadline…hooray…at least that is the goal I have set for myself. That I finish in the 15 days so I do not get behind. Printing paper piecing pattern to correct size was a challenge but unchecked everything that wanted to pre-determine size on my printer and it worked perfect….

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    My problem wasn’t in the paper piecing, it was in the color placement.
    Read my post for the whole story. I have lots of extra triangles!

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    It was so hard getting this one done and I’m still not satisfied. It might has to redone. Some items have very little seam allowance even though, I think I’ve been precisely when cutting. Yeh, I know, I couldn’t have been, if the parts don’t fit properly together.

    Even so, Happy Thoughts