Not Much Sewing Going On

Update:  These rolls are so darned good and they were real easy!  We’re definitely having them for Thanksgiving.  The only thing I did different from the recipe is I chopped a small fresh onion really fine instead of using dried onion.  The recipe said to make the balls 2 – 4 ounces and I made mine 3.5 oz. because we were using them for sandwiches.  For dinner rolls, I’d probably make them more along the 2.5 oz. size.  If you even halfway like to bake bread, you have to make these onion rolls.  The house smalls so good . . Vince will love it when he walks in from being away for a few days!  And, if you notice there’s one less roll there than I showed earlier . . yep, I had to have one fresh out of the oven!

Since I like to cook just as much as I like to sew, it’s real hard for me to stay out of the kitchen the whole weekend.

Though it doesn’t always happen, I prefer to buy a ham, smoke it and slice it instead of buying either pre-packaged or sliced in the deli meat.  That stuff is outrageously expensive!  A week or so ago, at our local grocery, if you bought a boneless ham, you got a Honeysuckle White turkey breast free!  The ham was $2.29 or $2.69/pound as compared to $5.99 to $7.99 in the deli for the sliced ham so I jumped on that deal.  I think I paid $22 for the ham and the turkey breast would have been $17 but it was free so I got a big, juicy ham and a turkey breast for $22.

I have a fresh ham ordered from the meat market for Thanksgiving so I needed to get this one smoked and sliced for sandwiches so I had already set up the smoker but hadn’t put the ham in yet when Vince called and told me he was able to get on an earlier flight so he’d be home in time for dinner but we could run to the Mexican restaurant.  He knows how frustrated I get when I have to deviate from my menu and there was nothing on the menu for tonight.

But, I had been over to The Fresh Loaf and noticed Norm’s NY Style Onion Rolls and couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I’d rather eat at home than go out any day so I stirred up a batch of Onion Rolls (actually the Bosch did the stirring!).  I have some pesto in the fridge so we’ll have ham sandwiches on Onion Rolls with pesto tonight.  Yumm!

I had already made regular whole wheat bread and a loaf of rye bread (which Chad had for lunch) this morning, so once these rolls are baked, that should get us through the first part of the week without having to bake any bread, though I have a batch of Whole Wheat bread from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book (which I highly recommend) that I’ll probably bake Tuesday to have with spaghetti & meatballs Tuesday.

Now .. I’m going to sew til Vince gets home.


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    Sheila in Ohio says

    I also had fun in the kitchen today, making ‘baby burgers’ from the bare bones suggestion of something seen on a blog. Decided to make homemade hamburger buns, too. It was all ‘just okay’ tastewise, but gives me a starting point to tweak from.

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    Fresh bread is the best…….if you wouldn’t have told us we never would have known that there was a missing roll…..anyway you have to make sure they are appropiate to serve to the men in the house, so sampling is a must. I’m finally joining the quiltathon tonight… delivery tonight for supper and then sew, sew, sew.

    Karen L

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    I got into bread making only a few months agao because of the Artisan Bread book. Much ealier I found bread making to be way too much work. (I did NOT get the cooking gene!) But this book has made a believer of me. We always have a plastic showbox of dough in the refrigerator now. Each batch lasts the two of us the two weeks it is said to last.
    I like the “peasant” bread, but also made brioche twice–but boy, is that rich!


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    Your pictures make it looks like an absolute feast of yummy bread! Makes me want to go make some orange/cranberry muffins or scones or something.

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    This looks so good. I did get some quilting in though not as much as I thought. I have posted pix of the quilt I did get quilted today.

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    Tricia says

    How do you guys not weigh 5000 pounds?! If I had a Mom like you, I would NEVER leave home! Even meals you make that I wouldn’t usually eat manage to look soooo good that I get hungry!

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    Eve says

    Those onion rolls have me drooling like crazy!! I’m afraid there would have been more than one missing from the batch if I’d been baking them. LOL!! Your willpower is astounding!! Eve