You Never Know Who’s Watching

No, not him but he’s probably watching too, so . .  you’d better watch out, you’d better not pout; you’d better use your stash and stop spending all your cash! 🙂

Seriously, there was a time when people . . more so our parents and grandparents, could do things and people across the country or farther, didn’t find out about it.  With the internet, it’s like everyone is in my little home town of Westlake, LA — everything you do is found out.

Vicky did a post the other day about growing up in a small town.  Her home town was right next door to my home town so I know exactly what she’s talking about and I suspect most small towns are the same.  My mom was a teacher so anything I did (or didn’t do) at school, she knew about before I got home.  And, anything I did in the rest of town, dad knew about before I got home.

But here are two stories about how small our world has become.

The other day when I posted the little picture about how cold it was here, I got this comment:

“RealFeel ™” … I know where you get your weather!  😉   I work at the place that holds the Trademark on that name.  =-)

She works for Accuweather and yes, that’s where I get my weather and I love their 15 day forecasts and I really like Joe Bastardi on there!  We’ll see how good they really are because I wrote her back and asked her to please hold the ice this year!  Snow is fine but they can keep the ice!  🙂

Another thing that I’ll never forget is that at a former guild many years ago, we had monthly workshops.  Some guilds are really bad about copying patterns, without permission.  I hope if that happens at your guild, you do your best to convince them that this isn’t right.

There was a class taught at one of the guild workshops by a guild member.  She may not have come out and stated it (and maybe she did, I just can’t remember) but we got the impression the design was her own.  It had been copied from a magazine (but we didn’t know that); re-typed and no credit was given to the designer, or the magazine, nor was permission obtained.  I made the quilt and later, after I began longarm quilting, the girl who had designed the pattern saw mine on my webshots page and told me that she loved my quilt made from her pattern.  Huh?  That was a pattern from someone in my guild.  Nope, went back and found the magazine that had Michelle’s pattern and the same graphics but just different type were used in the copy I was given at the guild workshop.

The internet truly has made the whole world part of our neighborhoods.


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    Judy – I can so relate to the small town issues. I grew up in a town of 500 people. My dad taught at the high school, my mom worked in the office there, we were friends with most of the other teachers/principal/superintendent and their kids having dinners and parties, etc with them, and darn near everyone else in town knew who you were so you couldn’t cause a darn bit of trouble. Must be why I’m such an angel, right????? (you can stop laughing now Judy!!) VBG

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    It’s a very small world now! My husband is a Joe Bastardi devotee too. His college degree was in meteorology. He watches weather all day – I check it when I’m about to go out the door!

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    It’s scary how little our world has become. It’s like Mom said- never wear your slippers to the market because you never know who you’ll run into!

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    Is there a guild out there that doesn’t have a problem with copying patterns?

    Last meeting we were told to bring a fat quarter and a COPY of our favourite pattern for the Christmas swap. The comittee couldn’t see a problem if we owned the pattern or the magazine book it came from! I probably lost a few friends again!

    But it was at the same guild that someone asked me about a pattern I had, and I said it was one of my own.
    ‘But where did you get it?’ she said.
    ‘I printed it myself.’
    ‘But you can’t do that.’
    “It is my design, I wrote the instructions.’
    ‘But you are not allowed to just copy something.’
    ‘I didn’t copy anything, I designed it.’
    ‘You can’t do that without permission of the copyright owner.’
    ‘But I am the copyright owner.’
    ‘You can’t be, the publisher is the copyright owner.’
    To my credit, I didn’t pick up a copy of my own book, or anybody elses, to hit her with!

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    I grew up on the farm about 5 miles from our small town. Yep everyone knew everybody…we had Wednesday nights in town during the summer. Everyone came to town and hung out up and down main street and ate ice cream bars. Seems funny now.

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy thanks for the link to accuweather. it was just what i needed to give my daughter in CA a forecast for Thanksgiving week at our place.
    poor girl hasn’t seen cold weather like ours for the last 4 years!

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    I am laughing right now. What a great story. Your dad sounds like a character. The next time I go walking in the back 40, I’ll keep an eye out for that “green cat!” Have a great rest of the week.

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    Ida says

    I’m glad to hear that AccuWeather and J.B. (as he’s called in the office) are popular choices, rather than our competitors. 😉

    For you devotees out there, J.B. is a great fellow. When his kids were young he was “Mr. Mom.” He worked a schedule so that he could be at home with is kids during the day. Even now he works the ‘early shift’, goes home to do what needs to be done, is there for his kids, and if he has to do an afternoon feed, brings them into work with him. Yup, a good guy! And, who couldn’t love an Aggie?

    As for keeping the bad weather away, if I had that kind of pull with the meteorologists, I’d certainly be wishing for better weather when I’m out camping with the Boy Scouts. 😉 Oh, and they’d be quatrillion-aires or something obscene like that if they “had the power.” =-)


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    Rebecca says

    Just yesterday, my applique group was talking of doing a quilt to auction off. When they talked of using a pattern I had just made a quilt of, I said I’d write to the author for permission. That seemed to really puzzle some members…”If you bought it, can’t you use that pattern?” Not to make money from, people! And I can’t just run off copies. People really don’t understand “copyRIGHT”.

    Fortunately, we decided that one was too “seasonal” and opted for one by a local designer, who we can just call up and ask permission of.