Hunting From the Toilet

This may be just a Louisiana thing or it may happen other places too.  If you go to this forum and go down to the very bottom, right of this page, you’ll see that they sell old (cleaned) porta potties to be used for deer hunting stands.  My dad has a few on his farm.  I talked to him over the weekend and he was telling me that he was hunting early in the morning and he was sitting there almost asleep.  He has a hole in the potty where he can look out and I guess it’s big enough that he can shoot through it too.  As he was sitting in the deer stand (porta potty) almost asleep, a bird flew through the hole . . in the deer stand with him.  Scared the “you know what” out of him but the floor in the deer stand is rotten.  Don’t ask me why a 75 year old man is up in a deer stand with a rotten floor but . . that’s my dad.  Anyway, he either fell through or almost fell through the floor.  I was laughing so hard I didn’t quite get all the details.

And, if you’re wondering about the green cats, that quilt is made from Joni Pike’s Catnip pattern and you can read about it here and find a link to get the pattern.  Dad was up at that same farm a few years ago and a cat scared him half to death when he was about to . . well . . it’s what a bear does in the woods but Dad was going out behind the barn and this cat scared him and about caused a seriously embarrassing accident and as Dad was telling mom what happened . . he said . . but . . the cat was green!  So, we’ve had a big joke about green cats and I’ve collected a few of them.

I’m just thankful there were no green cats involved in the deer stand incident.


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    Well the quilt is as cute as can be even without the story. The story makes it that much better. Your dad must just love that little quilt! What a good daughter you are!
    The quilt is really great! Did you design it all?

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    Your poor dad must be a jumpy kind of fella. I’ll have to tell DH about the porta potty deer stand idea. The green cats are cute.

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    what a great story, and a great memory for the years to come. love the cat quilt too. green cats! a very fun post to read in my slippers with coffee in hand.

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    I am sooo glad my coffee cup was empty when I read this or I would be cleaning the keyboard, not commenting! Love to start the day with coffee and a good laugh.