A Small Victory

About my single socks, Tami left a comment that I should knit two socks at one time using circular needles.  I called the knitting shop and asked if they had the book and the needles.  Yes, they do.  I hopped the car, drove a few blocks to the shop, looked at the book; looked at the needles; looked at some new and yummy yarn.  Then I realized . . instead of spending upwards of $30 for a new book to learn this technique, one set of circular needles, when I have a zillion DPN’s at home . . all I need to do is exercise a little self-discipline and knit the second sock before starting another pair of socks.  I can do it!  I will do it!  I will finish the socks that are started on all the needles, then I will go back and make the second sock for each of those singles and from this day forward, I will make both socks before starting another pair.  That’s a pretty big commitment but I can do it!  I really like knitting socks on the DPN’s, though I’m sure I’d like using the circular needles too.  I’m just saying that some people do not like using DPN’s and if I didn’t like using them, I wouldn’t hesitate to get the circular needles and the new book.

I left the shop feeling like a winner!  It had nothing to do with the economy . . it had all to do with buying what I need and not just buying because it’s there.



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    Donna says

    Way to go! You’re already practicing for next year when you vowed not to buy anything you didn’t need. It gets to be a mindset.

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    Pam says

    I found that when I was knitting socks I would get the second sock done if I had 2 sets of dpns and knitted both at the same time.

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    Way to show self control!!!!!!! I got my pair of socks out and set them on the couch for tv night tonight. Thanks for the inspiration to get them finished.

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    What self control! I’m proud of you. I had a win today also. My friend wanted to know if I wanted to go in on a bolt of batting and I said “No, I don’t need any at this time”. I also told her that I was only going to buy it when I needed it and hopefully only when it’s on sale.

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    You only need to buy the circs and then go to here on the Sock Knitters site and follow along on the lessons. They are wonderfully written: clear and concise. Her instructions are for children’s socks so you can get through it fairly quickly. Once you learn the technique, just cast on the number of stitches you normally do and proceed.

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    One reason I haven’t gotten into knitting socks is that I hate working with DPN. Maybe I should try out the circular needle method …but I bet you have to switch to DPN at the end…don’t you?

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    Pat says

    WOW…am I understanding this correctly???? You can knit TWO socks at ONE time??? For me, a totally klutzy non-knitter, who would dearly love a pair of knitted socks, this is just mind-boggling!!!!!

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    Around here walking out of a fabric or yarn shop without buying anything is more than a small victory…it’s a major victory! If you can do that, then you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing up the mates for those lonely socks!

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    Awww man. I thought it was only the fabric stash we were trying to reduce. ;D

    Congratulations on your willpower.
    There are quite a few free 2 at a time sock patterns out there. Here is a good one from knitpicks http://www.knitpicks.com/kpimages/pdf/50631220.pdf. They also have fabulous 47″ needles with very supple cables that are really inexpensive as well. Not trying to tempt you when you did so well resisting, but one of the other things I like about this method is that they end up exactly the same size without counting or even trying.

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    Frannie says

    Good for you! That’s how I’ve been doing it for years but then I also love working with DPN’s.

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    Bobbie says

    I have knitted since was probably 20–(long long time ago-won’t say how many years ago), but I kinda gave it up when I started quilting. I am TRYING to knit socks on circular needles, but have ran into trouble-(the step after the heel turning) and get sooooooo flustrated. I think I might try the 4 needle way-it just seems like “yikes”, but I’m gonna try. I have yarn for 4 pairs of socks -gosh I would just like to get one pair done. Hugs, Bobbie