I AM Quilting!

Did you know that 3 of the 7 astronauts on the current shuttle mission are Georgia Tech grads?  Pretty neat, huh?  Vince is a GA Tech grad and he’s feeling all proud about that.  He has a Masters from Clemson and Tulane so he has all kinds of things to be proud about.

I really hate that I haven’t been able to show you what I’m working on but please believe that I am sewing — slaving away at my sewing machine.

The last few days have been spent making little nine patches that will finish at 3″.  I needed 176 of these little rascals . . that’s 528 of these little 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ strips.

Don’t you just hate those brown spots on my cutting mat?  I’m fixing to ditch it and pull out a new one.  I really am.  I think I saw one somewhere the other day.

Next project (or maybe the one after that) needs about 400 half square triangles that finish at 1″, or maybe it’s 1-1/2″.  No matter what  . . it’s a darned lot of half square triangles but it’s a neat quilt.

And, I’ve been knitting a bit.  I’m happy that I have two feet but I surely don’t seem very committed to making matching socks for both feet.  Who ever said socks had to match anyway?  Darn it . . it would be much prettier to have different colored socks on each foot but people would think I was nuts if I did that, right?

Here are three socks that need mates.  I have at least three more.  I really need to stop starting another pair before I’ve finished the second sock.


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    pdudgeon says

    i have some patriotic 9 patches left over from another project, (and more left to be sewn together) so i’ll be interested to see what you do with these.
    maybe my patches and scraps will find a home after all.

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    Evelyn says

    Those socks really do need mates! They are much too pretty to just set away in the drawer. Maybe next time you start a new sock color you should cast on a 2nd sock right away on a 2nd pair of needles – try knitting 1 night on 1 set and then the next time you knit – knit on the 2nd sock. Just keep a little post-it for each sock so you can write down where you are or else you could get confused. Good luck with all your tiny 9 patches!

  3. 3


    These 9 patches will be so cute, can’t wait to see the quilt.
    I think you could wear mismatched socks when they are so pretty. Why not? Start a new trend.

  4. 4


    It’s called Second Sock Syndrom, lol. And there is not a knitter who does not occasionally have it. I have a couple just now, too.

  5. 6


    I work on both socks as one project Get so far on one, work on the other. I have enough yarn for 3 more pair but can’t start those until I finish the ones I’m working on. I only have 2 sets of needles!!! That’s probably a good thing. I just can’t get the hang of working on both socks together with the 2 circular needles. Maybe I should try that again someday. I love the colors of your socks. Sure hope they don’t get all lonely without their mate. 🙂
    I love the little 9 patches and can’t wait to see how you use them. I’m curious to know your half square triangle method when you have sooooooo many to make.

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    carol fun says

    I love the colors of the little nine patches – lately I’ve been quite fond of 9 patch projects… hmm must be your influence. As for socks I totally understand, the first sock is so interesting and alluring and well, the second sock is kinda like the second child. You love the second child but it not all new and fresh like the first one and the only pictures that get taken of the second sock (child) are the ones with the first sock ( child). Mothers of more than one child will bear this out — go look at your photo albums. Tons of pics of the first offspring, rest of pics are both of your creations. Not passing judgement, just commenting — LOL — anyway I too am afflicted by the 2nd sock syndrome. At the moment, I have 4 single socks that need mates…. but its gonna be awhile cause the new sock yarn is calling me in a much louder voice than the stuff I’ve already knitted — have a great day —
    carol fun

  7. 9


    I am sewing too!! Although not making anything with quite that many pieces….

    My son has a high school friend that NEVER wears matching socks…

  8. 10


    I love your socks! I’ve been doing some hard thinking about taking up knitting. I wonder if there is a yarn store over here…hmmmmmmmm
    🙂 dawn

  9. 12

    Linda Stolee says

    Love the nine patches. The colors are fabulous. My daughter used to deliberately wear different socks. She didn’t want to be all matchy-matchy!!
    Lurking Linda

  10. 13

    Linda says

    Judy, Have you ever given any thought to using Triangulations or Thangles for those small half square triangles. I know you don’t usually do any paper foundation piecing, but for half square triangles where you have lots that are the same colors, the paper patterns really do make it faster for me. Your little 9-patches are going to be cute.Linda J in GA

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    Holy cow, I thougt you sneeked into my sewing room. My mat has the same spot from when I spilled some paint on it. Guess I need a new mat too.

  12. 17

    Judi says

    While I was vending in both Madison and when I was in Houston they were selling socks that don’t match and I bet if you google it you will find a shop that sells mismatched socks so it’s the in thing and go for it. I love your socks wish I new how to knit them I’m lucky to do a scarf. VBG

  13. 19

    Eve says

    I love your socks, Judy! I found great wool blend socks about 6-7 years ago and fell in love with them. Now, most of them are singles instead of pairs. How did that happen?? I mentioned it to Don tonight, and told him that I guess I need to learn how to knit them like you do. He asked me what was wrong w/ wearing mismatched socks, that the kids think it’s really cool. Soooo, tonight, in honor of you, I have one cream color and one black sock on!! Eve