Chad, the Deer Hunter

Poor Chad!  He’s spending every spare minute in the woods trying to get a deer.  He was with his friend hunting Wednesday morning and his friend got one.  This is my backyard yesterday.  I left the deck railing in the picture so you can see how close they are to my house.  There were 11 of them but I was taking the picture through the glass because they’re so darned spooky.  Smack dab in the middle of deer season and I guess I’d be spooky too.

I was trying to zoom and my lens hit the glass and they heard me.  A few of them ran off but a few of them stayed.

Earlier in the week, I saw a doe prancing across the back yard.  Then I looked up and saw a huge buck . . I quickly counted at least 12 points.  He was kinda skipping across the back yard, stopping to grab a bite every few steps.  I grabbed the camera and ran downstairs, hoping to sneak out and get a picture but he must’ve moved on quickly.  I was telling Chad about it and I could tell he didn’t really believe me.  But, yesterday Chad was coming home and he still had the garage door open and a pick up was driving by real slowly looking towards the house.  Chad walked out to ask him if he needed something and the guy said he just saw at least a 12 point buck casually walking behind our house and he wanted to try to get a picture of him but they couldn’t find him again.

I hope these deer know how lucky they are to be living inside the city limits where there’s no shooting of any kind allowed.  And, they’d better appreciate that I’m such a law abiding citizen and have threatened to call the police if Chad shoots one in my back yard with his bow and arrow!


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    Toni says

    amen to Vicki. If you get drawn for all the special hunts and hunt muzzle loader, bow and gun seasons from Oct. thru Jan, then TN allows you about 150 deer. Does that tell you something about the deer population here. Hubs is in VA for the next week hunting. Go figure!!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    We have 5 deer in our yard too and we live within a stones throw of a major highway and a very large city. They come here every year. 3 doe and 2 buck. The buck last time I checked had 10 points. I can’t figure out how they get here or where they come from because I do live in a triangle shaped area that is bound on all three sides by 3 very busy major streets that are heavily travelled. Last year one of the doe had a fawn. I do like venison and there’s no shooting here either.