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Why do I have so much stuff?  I can’t get rid of anything.  While cleaning before mom and dad arrived, I threw away several things; thought about it and retrieved a couple of them.  I keep thinking that one day Chad is going to have to go through all my stuff or, maybe knowing Chad, he’ll just grab a truckload of heavy duty black trash bags and throw out all my treasures without ever viewing and fondling all this stuff that was so important to me.

Why would I decide to clean the closets and drawers when I should be cleaning the part of this house that matters?  Don’t have a clue but I did!

Got myself back on track and got the room clean.

Most of Sunday was spent cleaning house.  Most of Monday was spent cooking. I wasn’t sure if Mom and Dad would like the whole wheat bread so I made two loaves of white bread, along with two loaves of whole wheat bread, a cake, a buttermilk pie and a strawberry/rhubarb pie; Pork with Fall Veggies for Monday night; Hamburger Steak with Gravy for tonight, Pumpkin Dip.

Sunday night, I went to bed around midnight and was as tired as I ever remember being.  Chad woke up at 3:30 a.m. to go hunting.  They were driving to a little community a few miles from here and I think he wanted to get some cleaning done before he left but . . why did he wake up at 3:30 and why did he make so much noise?  About 4:00 I called him on his cell phone (he was still downstairs!) and told him I was going to wake him up when I get up for the rest of his life!  He left about 4:30 so I got up to make sure he closed the garage door.  Got back in bed and fell asleep and then a siren went by about 5:00.  We never hear sirens and it sounded like this one went right in front of our house!  I gave up at that point and got up.

Mom and Dad stopped and shopped some along the way.   They left their house at 3:30 Monday morning and got here about 4:30 in the afternoon.  We’ll spend the next few days trying to be sure no one gets bit by an unfriendly dachshund.



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    Brenda says

    I bought Peter Walsh’s book “It’s all to Much” last summer and it makes alot of sense. So, when I heard he was going to be on Oprah (a show I only watch when someone/thing is on I want to see….) I watched him in action. It inspired me to grab my book and start reading again – and – the best part!!!! I have a floor in my bedroom!!! Do you belive it?!?! And, 5 days later (stunned expression here) I still do!!!! I have had books mostly on the floor, and everywhere esle, clothes, well, it looked worse than the picture above – but it looks more like your after photo!! And I really prefer it the way it is now, and I want it to stay that way.
    What I did was surface clean. I didn’t open anything, just picked up all the stuff that was on things…. and either put it where it belongs, or, garbage. NO saving for a sale or to give away!! I know me well enough to know it would be back in the house… so it’s GONE!!!!!! and wow. it’s a huge thing. it is so nice to walk in my bedroom and not see clutter….. Eventually , I will open doors and drawers, but then I will be doing that one area at a time, and it will be the same thing – keep or toss??? no other choice. And in doing this, all my ‘stuff’ will be the stuff I want. Value. Cherish. And I will then have the room to show them off!!

    I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family. When I was reading your foods I started to get hungry!! Sounds fantastic!! So, even though we had our Thanksgiving last month (Canadian here!) I am thinking why can’t I have another one!! So, I just might be cooking turkey on Thursday too, with some different dishes than last month!!

    Okay, off to get some work done in my ‘studio’ it’s my next project to get sorted and organized. I have a date on Dec 6&7th that I need to be ready for!! So, I need my room ready, my planned projects ready and the needle sharp! Off to the sewing room (or a friend calls hers ‘ the padded room’ !!) and I am going to be ready for anything!! Here is to the creativity in us all!!!!

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    Mary Lea says

    Judy, closets and drawers are off limits. The bedroom looks great.
    Tell your Mom hello for me and your Dad.
    Enjoy there visit and have a Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Lea

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    Judy…….Have a great time with your parents visiting. About this bedroom cleaning……I have a few justifications for the cleaning….
    1) Is this the master bedroom…….Since the “inlaws” in Vinces eye’s are visiting, its best to have all his socks in a row and the closests looking there most tidy…..there will be no complaints starting with those items taken care of.

    2) Is this the guest room……….Do you really want your parents going thru messy drawers and closets in the room they are using…..I don’t think so!!!

    So cleaning/straightening was the perfect choice…..everyone will be happy and their will be no embarrassment for you!!!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Karen L