Black Friday Shopping

Who went shopping today?  How was it?  Crowded?  Lots of bargains?  Stay on a budget?  Glad you did it?

This morning Mom, Dad, Vince and I went up to Rich Hill to the Amish store.  They wanted to see everything — the land, the buggies, the people.  Mom and Dad bought some jellies and eggs; we bought 2 dozen eggs.  Then we stopped by the apple orchard but the apples were mostly gone.   After we got home, Dad and Vince decided they’d go shopping.  They definitely did their best effort to boost the economy.   They bought as many bargains as they could find at Wal-Mart here, then went to Fort Scott, KS and shopped there; then went on to Pittsburg, KS and shopped there.  The non-shopper in me says I’m glad I wasn’t with you!  The wife in me says Why the heck did you buy all that?

Vince is still online shopping.  That man does like to shop!


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    I wouldn’t go near a store today but I am going to the fabric store tomorrow! I went shopping Monday for shoes and 2 Christmas gifts. It was a nightmare. I absolutely abhore shopping – except for fabric shopping and online shopping! Which reminds me, I need more dye supplies…….

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    I did – and it wasn’t too bad. Everyone I met seemed to be in a great mood – and friendly. Maybe they all ate enough turkey yesterday!

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    Been there, done that, no longer appeals to me. Although the years I did get up in the dark to stand outside waiting for a store to open, it was way below zero; today was a balmy 40+ degrees in MN! I guess this would have been the year to do it.

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    Evelyn says

    I finished (and did all the wrapping!) of my Christmas presents last week. I like to have everything all done before Thanksgiving so I can really enjoy the holidays – the food and cooking! We have Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (Sat), Christmas cookie playdate for Sunday, St. Nicholas Feast next Saturday and a special meal for each Sunday of Advent, plus a special meal for Christmas Eve and also New Year’s Eve. Somewhere in there we bake bread for teacher presents, are having a party and I am going to a potluck. Still have to do Christmas cards, but hopefully this weekend… NO shopping for me… unless it is to the grocery store!!! Oh – and the Christmas cards – I bought last year after Christmas when they were on sale and packed them up with all the decorations.

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    No way! This place is a zoo on a normal day, much less Black Friday!

    Ask Vince what kind of cell phone I need to replace my dying one. I’m with AT&T, and I’m totally confused by all these ads I’m getting in the mail.

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    Linda says

    Are you kidding?? I wouldn’t dream of participating in the Black Friday madness!! First of all I’d have to get up loooooooooooooong before the crack of dawn and drive 60 mi. Uh Uh, no way. My idea of Christmas shopping is to sit in my recliner, laptop on my lap, credit card on the table beside me, and leisurely look through websites for the things I’ve already decided to get for people. And, if I happen to spend longer on a fabric site than any other, well, I saved that two hours driving time, didn’t I?? Then I sit back and wait for all of it to be delivered to my door or PO box. No crowds, no fuss, no muss.

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    pdudgeon says

    having been on the other side of the counter on many Black Fridays, i can appreciate all the effort some shoppers put into this day.
    it’s definitely an experience like no other, LOL

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    I went with my mom and youngest brother. We left the house a little before 6am and headed straight to Walmart. When we walked in and saw the wall to wall people I just felt like “okay, that’s enough for me” and wanted to go right back home for some coffee……or out for a quiet breakfast. If we would’ve bought anything from there we would have been in line for at least 5 hours and I am so not exaggerating. We only went to a couple of stores. Maybe I’m to old to be out there fighting the crowds. Best Buy wasn’t so bad. The lines were long but the people were sane. 🙂
    My brother found a great! deal on a very large flat screen so yes, I’m glad we went.
    Have a great weekend!!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I didn’t go anywhere near the stores yesterday. I went to our corporate office with one of my new agents, then we went out for lunch and then to look at some crappy (mm… lovely) pieces of real estate!! Then home to quilt. I’m finished making blocks for my son’s best friends baby quilt, now to make blocks for the guild block swap next Tuesday.

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    Well of course I did! LOL I am not normally a lover of shopping, but there were a few things that I couldn’t find online as cheap–so got up at 4 AM-bought the things online I wanted (the prices wouldn’t show up until after midnight), then went to JoAnn’s for flannel for a T-shirt quilt and a toddler quilt–I absolutely did not have anything that worked and since they were gifts, I thought they deserved something other than what I could scrounge up. Went to a few other stores for things and was home by 8:00 AM. JoAnn’s had a great deal on interfacing–10 yards for 29 cents a yard this morning only, but after getting up yesterday early and no nap, I decided that I could pass. Well, I got up at 8:30, checked online for it and it was sold out. My husband offered to drive me to the store to check (it’s only 7 minutes away) and see if they had any left and I told him no way, 2 hours after they opened? But he insisted and sure enough they had a lot left! They were pre-packaged 10 yards to the bolt for $2.99 and I bought 5! And they had some left. I use about 10 yards per T-shirt quilt and since I make them on a commission basis, that was an awesome deal! I asked the clerk if they were busy and she said there was hardly anyone there at opening. Even yesterday it wasn’t packed like it normally is. It’s kind of sad–she said if it doesn’t pick up, that store might not stay open. And then the closest store to me (including quilt stores) will be 45 minutes away.
    I used to do most my Christmas shopping on Black Friday–that’s the only day that I like. I’m not fond of the crowds, but most of the time they are all friendly and it’s fun. But then I go back into hibernation and hardly shop the rest of the year. But this year, it’s getting easier to get things online at great prices as well. And I must admit, that 8 AM is the earliest I’ve been home on a Black Friday. I spent the rest of the day making Christmas gift for my quilting buddies.

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    I went to JoAnne Fabrics Friday afternoon…saw there was no carts left….saw the line leading towards the back of the store…got in my car and went home! I went back early this morning for one of their specials…was in and out in 30 minutes! Can’t say what I got, cause it’s for two Christmas gifts, but it was good!

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    Not me! I have gone before, but only when there is something specific to get. I have been known to go to Joann’s before 7 to get the 20% off my total purchase. If they have warm and natural batting at 50% off with the additional 20% I will stock up. This year I still have a full bolt that I bought last year.
    I went to a long awaited weaving class for Black Friday. Much more fun than braving crowds.

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    Glad too see you made it through it alive!!.

    I made a stop at the local thrift store to get flat sheets for quilt backs and low and behold….. first we (my friends Heather and her 3 kids) was about ran over by someone who though they was a Nascar driver no sooner than we stepped away from her car. Then I was about ran over by some sweet looking old man who then giggled because I was not fast enough to get out of his way and he ran my foot over with his cart. Well I finially made it to the linen isle picked out some cute sheets and headed for the front. Well I got through line without a problem so I went ahead and took my cart and Heathers youngest boy outside with me. I then was bitten by the sliding front door, I guess I was leaning a little to close and so nasty, mean looking women laughed at me. I was ready to scream by the time we got to the van. Heather does not allow people to smoke in her car but after that, I hung damn near half way out the window to smoke andlet my nerve calm! But we had fun otherwise!! lol