Sending a Message

Mom and Dad brought the usual things you bring when you leave home for a week but they brought along one item you may not expect your guests to bring.

That would be a heater!  I think they’re trying to tell me that I keep my house too cold!  Heck, I’m always hot at their house but I just wait til everyone goes to bed and and then I turn the thermostat down.

OK.  I get the message.  I’ll keep my house warmer when I have guests! 🙂


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    Just Me says

    I can relate to your parents. Senior citizens need HEAT! We came up north from Florida for the Holiday – kids and grandkids are hot, Grandma FREEZING!

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    My Mom was cold in our house in Marietta so we bought a small heater for her bedroom rather than adjust the thermostat. Here in MN I keep the house pretty cold but have a heater in the bathroom and one in my longarm room which is downstairs and colder than the rest of the house. They work pretty well I think.

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    Rebecca says

    This makes me laugh, because I think you are a very hot-blooded person, and can sympathize with your parents!

    (For the record, the temperature where you think it’s getting “hot” is the temperature where I start to cover bare skin.) ;^)