Chad’s New Quilt

When Chad was5 or 6 years old, mom offered to make him a quilt.  He said he wanted a camouflage quilt.  Mom made him a camo quilt and he has had it on his bed for at least 15 years.  He hauls it with him when he goes camping or to a friend’s house; it gets washed often and it is definitely worn out.  Mom knew how much he loves that old quilt and she made him another one and brought it to him.

I doubt seriously he gives up his old green camo quilt but I know he’ll love the new one just as much.


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    Aren’t grandma’s great? Both my boys have quillows from Mom and quilts that Mom pieced and I quilted. Does Chad have an entire collection of quilts like Chris and Adam? For a while when I first started quilting they were getting one a year.

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    Pat says

    Very nice quilt. I guess you learned quilting from your mom? That’s terrific. I’m sure Chad will treasure this quilt, too.

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    Evelyn says

    Exactly why I make School Boy’s quilts so large – the last one was 60X82 – even though he is only 5 1/2 years old! I figure it will last him a LONG time! When I was pregnant I knit him a baby blanket and he is constantly complaining that it is too small and would I please make him a bigger one! Little Boys DO grow up into big boys but I don’t think that they ever stop loving their special quilts! Nice of your Mom to make him a NEW one!!! Maybe the old one can be made into pillowcases once it is too tattered to use as a quilt!!!

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    It’s funny, I make quilts for kids in orphanages, but let my mom make quilts for my own kids. There is just something better about a quilt from grandma than a quilt from mom. Gotta love those grandmas! Nice quilt.

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    Brenda says

    You have just made me want to get my DD’s quilt done. The are close to finished, but not quite. And it’s true that they never give up their quilts!! My oldest DD, 17, still have her baby quilt I made for her when pregant!! And, for fun this last summer, to practice a quilting idea I had seen, I made a baby quilt top, and when she saw fabric that I had used in her oringal quilt put into this one, she staked a claim right there for it, so she could have it for her kids!! I laughed. And the two quilt I have made for my girls – they are both quees size. Granted, right now they both sleep in twin beds, but eventually they will have a bigger bed and this size is what they will be useing, so why not make that size now??

    I have just put my name down for the 2009 stash busting – And I am getting ready for this weekend. Have told everyone that I am busy, and am planning my meals now, so that is will be done too!! Today, I am organizing my ‘studio’ and getting my planned projects ready. If I need anything, I had better figure that out now, while I can still get it because once my alarm goes off next weekend, I am busy!!!

    Thank-you for your posts. I am glad I found ‘blogging’!! It is fun to come and read what you are up to – and I loved that your parents brought their own heat source for their visit!! Next time they come, add extra quilts to their bed!! Read you later!!