Oh, Baby . . it’s Cold

The bad news is . . it’s cold inside and outside!

I guess this is what I get for laughing at Mom and Dad for bringing their little heater. Our upstairs unit is not working.  We noticed Thursday night that it was only working on auxiliary heat but as of yesterday morning, it isn’t even working on auxiliary.  Always nice when things go out on a weekend  .. and a cold weekend at that!  Almost makes me want to go shopping or something just to stay warm.  Not really!  The downstairs heat is still working and though I can stay down here and sew all day, I’m not brave enough to use Chad’s bathroom and haven’t mustered the courage yet to take a shower in my upstairs bathroom.  The warm air from downstairs does rise up and keep the family room warm enough and we have an electric (pretty much useless except it’s pretty!) fireplace upstairs but none of that heat seems to get as far as the bathrooms/bedrooms.

Sure wish Mom had forgotten that little heater.  Vince offered to buy buy an electric heater but I don’t want to have to store the darned thing til my heater breaks again.


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    You have snow! I’m so jealous! Well, not jealous at all with your heat situation, but what I wouldn’t give to live somewhere where it snowed! Hope you get it fixed real soon. Maybe you can call your heating guy and be first in line for tomorrow. Hugs from very sunny SoCal.

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    Turn that kitchen stove on….. sit near the kitchen counter with magazines.. projects…. slide the tv closer to there.. We used to all(8 of us) huddle in the kitchen during a blizard becase the gas stove was there and electric was lost in a storm.

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    Eve says

    Oh, man, Judy, that really sucks!! I hope your heating guy can get to y’all pretty quickly. But your pix are pretty!!
    I’ll give you a laugh for your day. I’m attempting to knit my own socks. It’s been 23-25 years since my last knitting attempt, and I wasn’t real good at it even then. And that was only on 2 regular needles, as opposed to 4 sock needles! It’s hysterical!! Don and I have laffed a LOT!! But I’m determined!! I WILL have wool socks!! Eve

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    Our heat is working fine and I’m still cold! I just put my robe on over my clothes before I sat down at the computer. Brrrr. Hope you have heat soon!

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    OK, I am paranoid about keeping warm. I have oodles of those small electric heaters. If the power goes off, I have two heaters that run on my #40 propane bottles. I even have my butane camping stove set out where I can find it easily. One year we had a BAD ice storm and lost power for 5 days. I was freezing, this was after Thanksgiving and it was COLD. I said never again, and now have backup heat, and we have a small generator. And no, I won’t smother myself, I will follow instructions and crack a window. It’s a large area, I could leave doors open and I would just make sure I was sitting in front of that heater toasting! I feel for you Judy, there is NOTHING worse than being cold.

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    Snow is heading in my direction as we speck err well type lol. So sorry about your heater being out. Get all those quilts out, drag a recliner into the kitchen nmand crank up that stove heehee.

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    So sorry Judy. We had our unit go out in the middle of the Summer which can be pretty bad in Georgia! We ended up having to buy to window units until the repair could be done. Seems there was lots of work for our repairman. He could not get to us for a month. All of our bedrooms are upstairs, it was pretty bad. Hope you can get your heat going soon. Sue

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    KC says

    I just love our wood heat. Thankfully DH loves to cut wood and we have heated our home for over 30 years this way. At least if we lose power we are still warm (we don’t have any water due to rural living with a well if we lose power). Hope you get the thing fixed soon.

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    I keep a couple of those heaters around since I like to keep my thermostat really low. It’s cold here too – in fact, I couldn’t figure out why the heat kept coming on this morning until I looked at the weather and realized it was 16 degrees! I want to go out later but I’ll need to bundle up good.