More of Mom’s Quilts

I think I’ve shown this top on my blog before but this is my niece’s husband’s Christmas present.  He’s a big LSU fan.  Mom bought the T-shirts and fabric while we were in Houma, LA during the summer.  I worked on the top while at their house and then finished it after I got home; quilted it and sewed the binding on.  Mom did the hand work while they were here.

Here’s a little version that she made for their baby.  You might notice that it’s all hand quilted . . by mom!  I sewed the binding on by machine and she did the hand work . . just so you know I had some small part in it.

And because it’s always nice to put a face with these posts, here’s a picture of the dad who’s getting the larger quilt and the baby who’s getting the small quilt.  Aren’t they adorable?

I hope no one is laughing at my family members!  OK!  This was the picture they took when they were dressed for a Halloween party!  It’s ok to laugh at them.  We all did.


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    Thanks for the latest star pattern, Judy. We can sure relate to cold issues after being without power for 4 days at this time of year in 2006 following a big windstorm. Some places were down for over 10 days because of fallen trees that took out power lines. No light and no heat in December is not fun!

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    love the photo of the baby and daddy. how funny is that? it gave me a chuckle. thanks for sharing. by the way, i’ve been stopping by and reading your blog for awhile now but i believe this is the first time i’ve posted. i enjoy reading your posts. have a great day.