Pictures of Block 9

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    Decided to get this accomplished today instead of it waiting for me to get done…am so pleased with my blocks…anxious to see the two additional colors that will complete the border…thanks Judy for your time…you are an amazing lady…and appreciated…

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    I do like this block and it surely went together faster than the last one :o) when all is said and done–I need to pick ONE block and make an entire quilt of that alone—this block is certainly in the running–THANKS JUDY!!

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    This one was not easy and I could have made better decisions regarding the color selections. Will probably remake it later on.

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    Lynn says

    I looked at all of the above posted and we are looking GOOD!! I especially enjoyed Kristin’s because she has a photo of all 9 finished blocks together! They look great! I may have to copy her and see what MINE look like!