We Have Heat!

Have I said lately how much I love living in this small town?  I had to wait til 8 a.m. to call the Home Warranty people so I called promptly at 8:00.  By about 8:20, the heater people were here and by 9:20, I have heat upstairs.  It was a problem with the thermostat . . not really the heater itself so that was good news.

Now I can get back to my regular scheduled activities which includes quilting and making cookies now that I can leave the butter sitting out so it can get soft! 🙂  Oh . . the problems in my life . . don’t we wish everyone’s problems were as small as getting the butter to soften for baking cookies?


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    Oh! I’m so glad you have heat again! Also, I’m glad to see you had a Carrier dealer for your repairs. In addition to my quilting, I own a heating and cooling company and I’m a Carrier Dealer. I think they are the best on the market and nationwide they are one of the top three brands. Now you can get back to the important stuff…quilting and cooking! Have a warm day!

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    Evelyn says

    Our fridge is practicially ICE cold – the butter is always just about a frozen block… but I have found that if I zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds – it softens it up very nicely without melting it. It would depend on your own microwave and how much butter you are zapping – but in a pinch, it does work! Glad to hear that you have heat again though!!! It is always nice to have speedy service.